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2 REALLY EASY Social Media Books and More

PS., I'm reblogging this post as I am fairly pleased with myself 🙂 My intention at the beginning of the year was to blog and read more...I've published 40 blogs so far so feel like I've been successful at establishing a habit.  Actually it does get easier once you get into a groove.  I remember listening to some good advice on an audio book while walking the dog and the author said - YOU'VE GOT TO BE ADDING SOMETHING VALUABLE TO THE CONVERSATION.....I hope I am !

PPS., If you use WordPress like me, I hope you know that you can schedule a whole week of blogs at once or on a Sunday night like I did this week and take the strain out of staying connected!

Happy New Year to you all!!!  Super stoked to start 2012!  In great health at last and with a head and heart full of energy for our brilliant profession and all the plans that I have for this brand new year.  So without further ado, I'll tick off two daily jobs on my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION LIST.....READ DAILY & BLOG MORE! Voila!

Oooh it comes to us all!!!  Nevermind just being on Facebook and Twitter, I really needed to understand how they worked and how to maximise social media prescence without wasting time staring at various screens for the best part of the day so I did a little research and found the first two  books, both are awesome as explaining the 'HOW TO DO' and the 'WHY' and how to knit it all together time-efficiently.

Then stumbled across this little gem and literally ready it in one sitting then started again!!!  Perfect for these fiscally conscious time, I'm loving austerity, being creative and seeing how far a little brain power combined with elbow grease gets me ;-).

Lastly, fresh back from South America and having drunk Acai slush puppies in Brazil and felt crazy gooooood and smuggled home fresh Maca powder from Cusco. I'm re-reading this little gem and I've gotten busy making my OWN GREEN DRINK POWDER with great results.  I'll blog my recipe shortly.  (I did, it's in the archive)

Peace out! 🙂

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