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20 + Awesome ‘Attract + Keep More Post Natal Clients’ Strategies That DELIVER!

Lots of times in my FB group Metabolic Mommy (you can join 1,000+ of your peers here), I see this question asked A LOT:  'What are the best ways to attract and keep more Post Natal clients'?  In the UK there are over 800,000 live births anually - that's a lot of Post Natal women walking around without having been given a Diastasis Check, who don't know why they have a leaky Pelvic Floor and who are very open to moving, feeling better and losing some weight.  So, if you don't have enough clients, or you're just starting out.  Even 5 of the items on this list have the capacity to transform your business and client retention.

Anyway, I thought I'd write a blog where I listed my top strategies that involve both the obvious and NOT SO OBVIOUS strategies but FIRST THINGS FIRST!.................


1. Once you are super clear on WHO you are serving - Post Natal women - you need to get SUPER CLEAR on how you can help them, what are the issues that they have that you have the SOLUTION TO. I know that this might seem like a no-brainer but I'm 100% sure that when I began my business, the term CLIENT AVATAR didn't exist and it's only recently that talk of truly nailing down who you want to serve and because, quite frankly until you unequivically know who you are serving, you actually can't market effectively to them.  Start here EVERYTIME!

2. If you haven't already, seek out your local business/entrepreneurs meet-up, and if you don't have one, MAKE ONE! There's power in community and it will be an invaluable source of information and support - vital for for a small business and solopreneurs.  You neither need to or should be doing this on your own.

3. Where are those Post Natal mommies hanging in your locality?  First stop, anywhere they allow pushchairs, serve coffee and supply cake...flyers strategically placed here will be noticed...is there a noticeboard, can you advertise on the back of the toilet doors or near the baby-changing area?? I don't think that flyers are as effective as they used to be but.....they still have legs when positioned well and if used as part of your massive arsenal of strategies (as opposed to being your only strategy), they can bear valuable fruit.

4. Have you considered doing a talk to a local mom and baby group?  Locate them and introduce yourself.  Word of caution, probably best to go for the groups where moms pay money to attend as opposed to the free ones (unless you fancy a little pro-bono) simply because if there is not a culture of paying, you might find it challenging to charge and be paid the price you need to be paid for your services.

5. Start a 'Bring a Friend Friday' where your existing Post Natal clients get to bring a friend to experience your amazing wares....run this once a a month at most to once a quarter. Either way, these people are practically qualified as their trusted friend has brought them along. ensure you data capture so you can follow up and make your offer if its not appropriate to make an offer on the actual day.  It's going to be challenging for them to jump into a course that requires previous knowledge and that's in full flow so maybe create a special 'show and tell' class specifically for this person.

gift vouchers

6. Are you offering and PROMOTING gift vouchers?....this is HUGE!  I can't stand shopping for presents and if someone gives me an easy and useful alternative that means I don't have to go to the shops, I grab it with both hands.  Offer and consistently promote your gift vouchers and ensure they are wonderfully presented and earn while you attract new clients who are already 'qualified' by the person who they love sending them your way!

7. As your business focusses on Post Natal, you're probably a good business pal for someone who is focussed on the Pregnant client.  You're non-competitive and indeed you can have a reciprocal arrangement.....who in your locality is just focussing on the Pregnant client?

8. Get a table at your local Baby Fair or NCT Table Sale but see if you can also get your flyers into the goody bags and if there's potential to do a talk/demo, take it so that you are way more visible than just standing at your table.  If your only option is to take a table then have your short demo ready, something to do with Pelvic Floor is a good idea, and offer a prize of some sessions which will allow you to take the email of the women so you can keep in touch after the event.  If they stopped at your stand, they are 'interested'....keep in touch with them through your newsletter and drive them to your Facebook and other social media channels so you are front and centre when they eventually feel ready and you can offer good quality information in the meantime and of course your offers when are making them.

9. Who's making birthday cakes and supplying party bags in your locality? They are in front of moms a LOT....and I'm sure your customers would love to know about someone who makes birthday cakes and their clients would be interested in your services, is there some kind of co-promotion that you can both run?

10. If you've got happy clients, ask them to help you build your business by holding a referral competition....you win-they win!  The person who brings in the most referrals gets a grand prize....you can gift them a substantial package of sessions so there is a great incentive.  Get a whiteboard and keep it in plain site at your facility and/or update people via your Client Community Facebook Group (because you do have one of these don't you?) and newsletter.  Either way, keep it exciting and competitive in a light way and make a fuss about it.  Run your big referral drive quarterly.

11. Ensure you keep 'community' with your clients. Without doubt, they would love to have a social with you and with each other. You could be so much more to your client than just the person who tells them not to eat chips and drink too much wine 🙂 Go out with them!  Spend social times with them!  They are people too 🙂  Community builds loyalty!


12. Have you got an ad on Netmums in your locality and every other listing site for mom/baby activities?  No?  Not all of them?  Go get it!

13. Have you checkout the myriad of Mom/Baby Activity Apps, all are reasonably cheap to advertise on...if you're not on them, you should be!

14. Google Ads - they can be tricky but hugely beneficial if you get them right, and Google know this and so the offer a completely free service to help you get set up and ensure that you get all your wording correct. They are not super cheap but that really does depend on the price of item you're selling.  Either way, you can try and see if it works for you. There's no tie-in, just stop the add if you want/need to.  Just Google, Google Ad Words and then get in touch with them for their free service.

15. Facebook Ads - of course they work but THEY CAN BE TRICKY....if you are totally in the dark, ask around in your network for good people who can help you to both create the artwork (which is very rulebound) and then help you to spend your money wisely.  Start small and build your confidence.

16. Facebook Boosted posts - now, the SoMe Marketing people say these don't work but I KNOW that they do, but just not for everyone.  If your target audience is a specific group, they work better for you ie., I target Fitness Professionals and Massage Therapists so that's easy.  Alternative, if you are a Boosting Virgin, just try 'people who like your page and their friends'....it's not high science but if you've never even boosted a post, this a low cost way to dip your toes in the water.

17. GET RESULTS!!!!! Ha, ha. This might seem like an obvious one but many of us are doing a little 'rent a friend' thing with our Post Natal clients in terms of them following the nutrition/movement/lifestyle changes that will get them results....if you've slipped down this slope with your clients and they are not becoming a great advertisement for your skills....you need to get this in check.....EVERY SINGLE Post Natal client has the potential to be a walking billboard for you and it's up to you (and them) but mostly you to ensure your clients GET RESULTS that they want to tell the world about. If you go into your relationship with them with the mindset of getting awesome testimonials, your daily/weekly interaction with them with alter dramatically as you KNOW exactly what both of you need to be doing to be successful.  Do you need to pay attention to why your clients aren't getting great results?  Displaying your results on your website is ESSENTIAL!  Check out the bottom of this page......

18. Branding - SPEND GOOD MONEY ON THIS!  Cheap looks cheap - end of.  Brand EVERYTHING!  Your car, your clothing, your social medial output - EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

19. Testimonials Page + promote it.  You have got one of these right?  At the end of the day, people don't really care what you say about what you do....they are more likely to believe their friends and family and a stranger they see talking about you on your website.  This page is ESSENTIAL - it's 'social proof' and you need to both have it and promote it!  Check this out if you don't get what I mean.

20. Daily output of what you're doing in your business, what clients do in their sessions, their successes and generally keep your channels alive with the brilliance that is YOU ON A DAILY BASIS!

21. GET A HOUSEKEEPER/CLEANER - Despite the advances made by Emily Pankhurst, women are STILL doing the lion's share of household work within their family - FACT!  If you are serious about running and growing your business.  THIS HAS TO STOP!  It's a poor use of your time and the money that you will spend on getting someone to help will free you up both physically and mentally to work on your marketing because for most 'physical physical'.....this part of their business is poorly structured because they spend so much time rushing around, seeing clients and by they time they get home, there's kids, housework and wifeing to do and they are exhausted.  If this is you.....this is a HUGE action that you must take and take now.

22. Get help!  If you're doing essential but time-suck and repetitive admin tasks that are eating into your marketing time, YOU MUST OUTSOURCE THIS!  Never has there been a better time to get people to help you remotely in your business at very, very reasonable rates.  Ask around for referrals but also, I've done well by doing a Google search and trusting my gut.  Word of caution, be very clear as to what you need before contacting someone, triple check their ability to actually do what you need and set a trial period.  No big wodges of money upfront, they do the work required for a month you both see how you go and THEN you pay.  You don't need to be on the backfoot here, you're asking to see whether they actually can deliver and whether you are both a good match. Obviously, you agree to pay for their month of work but no more.

23.  Write and send a weekly newsletter - don't listen to anyone who says it's not necessary - it's ESSENTIAL to stay in touch with your current, old and prospective clients.  Add great information and of course, always showcase your wares.  But ensure it's more of a give than a take/ask for 😉  Are you signed up for mine?  If not, you can sign up here and check out my template/style, give, give, give, ask!
skip the struggle

24.  Like the shirt says above.  THIS IS HUGE....if you don't have it, you need to work on your ability to ENDURE THE STRUGGLE OF THIS WORK, get up earlier, or go to bed later, say no to certain social events, say yes to what matters, increase your resilience, manage your stress and overall focus DEEPLY on what you want to happen.  Overall the deeper your focus and the smarter your strategies, the faster you'll move and gain the results you desire.  Low focus, low action, low results.  Everyone who is 'doing something' is working. Make no mistake, stuff doesn't just drop into people's laps.  I repeat....EVERYONE WHO'S DOING SOMETHING IS WORKING!  And all you have to do is keep your eyes on the prize and never mind all the additional shit that might be flying around you....the universe is testing if you want it bad enough, that's all 😉  Don't skip the struggle, it's actually educational!

25.  Do everything that's above and then do it again, and again, and again, learn, refine and go again..................I think you get my drift don't you?  Good luck!



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