2017 Update - Advanced Post Natal Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming - ON-LINE/GLOBAL CERTIFICATION - Level 2 - Burrell Education

2017 Update – Advanced Post Natal Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming – ON-LINE/GLOBAL CERTIFICATION – Level 2

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Course Content


Module 1 -Foundation Natal Anatomy/Physiology and Assessment

1. Pregnancy into Post Natal Period Alignment
2. The Post Natal Core & Pelvic Floor
3. The Myofascial System During Pregnancy into the Post Natal Period
4. The Birthing Processes and Implications for Post Natal Recovery
5. Indepth Post Natal Pre-Screening (including Pelvic Health Pre-Screening)
6. The Perfect Post Natal Initial Consultation Masterclass.
7. How to Carry Out and Interpret a Simple Visual Alignment Assessment.

Bonus Content Interview - What's 'Normal' After Birth and When To Seek Referral For Your Clients - Interview with Michelle Lyons, Women's Health Physiotherapist.

*NEW Bonus Content Interview - Referring to and  How Women's Health Physiotherapy Can Help Your Post Natal Clients - Interview with Michelle Lyons, Women's Health Physiotherapist.

Bonus Content Video Interview  - Going Deeper With Pelvic Anatomy - Bladder Dysfunction Terminologies, Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Hernias  + Pessaries 101 - Interview with Sue Croft, Women's Health Physiotherapist.

*NEW Bonus Content Interview - The Post Natal Client and the Fascial System Explored - Interview with Derrick Price of Institute of Motion.


Module 2 - Honing Your Hands-On Assessment & Remedial Therapy Strategies To Facilitate Core Restore for the Post Natal Client

1.  Performing/Assessing & Categorizing Post Natal Core Function - Diastasis, Breathing Patterns, Intrinsic Core Synergy® & Considerations/Strategies for the C-Section Client
2.  Modern Integrated Movement Based Pelvic Floor Exercise® - Theory & Application
3.  Hands on & off 'Release Strategies' and Dynamic Mobilizations for the Post Natal Client to Facilitate Core Restore.
4.  *NEW How to carry out a simple but effective Visual Alignment Assessment and prescribe suitable 'releases' and mobilizations to restore freedom.
5.  *NEW - Adapting the myofascial Foam Roller for use with the Post Natal client - essential information for the Diastasis client.

*New Bonus Content Video Presentation - Introduction to Hyporessives with Kaisa Tuominen - Fitness Integral, Spain.
* New Bonus Content Video Presentation - Constipation and C-Section Scar Soft Tissue/Massage Strategies



Module 3 - Restoring The Post Natal Core Via Bespoke Integrated Functional Training - A Modern & Revolutionary Approach

1.  The Crunchless Core®- Post Natal - Theory and Application of Modern Integrated Core Restore Post Birth
2.  Holistic Diastasis Healing® - Key Antatomy, Rationale and Targeted Exercise Prescription To Help Clients Back to Optimal Function
3.  Holistic C-Section Recovery® - Reconnection & Scar-Tissue Strategies for the Post Natal Client
4. Motherhood Movement Patterns® Theory, Practical Application & Programming - Modern Functional Training For REAL Moms with REAL lives.

*NEW ADDITIONAL Re-Launch Bonus Content - Adapting Modern Functional Fitness Tools For The Pregnant & Post Natal Client 

Extensive video library detailing how to adapt the everyday integrated with functional tools that you would find in the average gym or fitness facility for use with the Pregnant, Post Natal or 'Core Compromised' female client.

Tools include:  Loaded Movement Training using the ViPR, Mega Bands, Lightweight Resistance Bands and Mini Bands.  Gym floor functional kit such as Suspension Trainers, Dumbbells, Bosu and Swiss Balls - ESSENTIAL CONTENT for moving your client on to the gym/fitness activities that she previously enjoyed.


Module 4 - Holistic Post Natal Nutrition & Endocrine System

1. Deep Nutrition for Post Natal Healing and Hormonal Balance
2. The Post Natal Endocrine System
3. Modern Fat Loss Protocols Tailored for the Post Natal Client

Bonus Content Video Interview- The Post Natal Endocrine System and the Peri-menopausal Mom - Interview with Jessica Drummond of the Integrative Pelvic Health Institute.

*NEW Bonus Video Interview - Getting Help With Post Natal Endocrine Imbalances - Dr. Anu Arasu, Bio-Identical and Hormone Replacement Specialist.


Module 5 - Wowing, Wooing, Attracting, Serving and Keeping Your Post Natal Clients

1. Mastering Your On-Line Socal Media Strategies
2. Mastering Your Off-Line Community Strategies
3. Access to the 'I Love WordPress' On-Line, Real-Time, Self Paced Tutorials
4.  Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Collaborations and Getting In Front of those Mommies!
5.  Feminizing Your Business & Truly Speaking to and Connecting With Women
6.  Programming Beyond the 'Post Natal' Years
7. The Ante-Post Natal Client Life-Cycle.....How to plan your business to avoid dips in income and keep you client even after their return to work



Bonus Content Video Interview  - Charging Your Worth, Being Visible and Working ON Your Business - An Interview with Rachel Holmes, The UK's Top Fitness Entrepreneur

*NEW - Bonus Content Video Presentation  - Reaching More People on Facebook 101 - Simple but highly effective strategies for even the most tech challenged.


*NEW - Bonus Content - Module 1 of Launch My Passion Project by Rachel Holmes + Jenny Burrell - Module 1 Presentations

Module 1:  Preparing For The Work Of Creating Your Passion Project + Truly Defining Your Customer Avatar

  • Creating and maintaining a ‘workers’ mindset – Key strategies for daily physical and mental energy management.
  • Getting clear on what you WANT versus HOW MUCH TIME YOU ACTUALLY HAVE to  what’s required to make your dreams come true.
  • Daily organisation to ensure your focus and productivity.
  • Nailing down your Product(s)/Offering(s).
  • Deciding your position in the market.
  • Deciding on your delivery medium – Live, On-Line, Blended/Multi-Platform
  • Identifying and locating your ideal client(s) and how you can help them on and off-line.
  • Creating your very own ‘Purple Cow’.
  • The ‘Big Rocks’ of Product Creation.

Module 6 - Putting It All Together

How to take all the key elements of this amazing education, add your individual special sauce and create a wonderful class, small group or 1-1 session. Jenny will give you the benefit of her 16 years of working with the Post Natal client and provide inspiration and guidance on how to combine all the elements of programme creation into an extra special, stand-out session.[/su_tab]


  • Life-time support via Exclusive Candidate Facebook Group
  • Access to and full use of the Burrell Education female anatomy/Pelvic Health artwork library
  • 2 MP3 'Shhhh' Meditation Downloads for personal or use with clients CD
  • The Burrell Education Nutrition For Healing and Hormonal Balance Recipe PDF & Power Point Presentation -  Ideal for Client Attraction Talks
  • Rebrandable Done-For-You - Post Natal Fat Loss - Client Manual



Additional Info + FAQ's

Pre-Requisites: Who is this Advanced CPD For?
  • Fitness Professional Candidates who ideally hold a Level 3 Ante/Post Natal Qualification or Equivalent
  • Physiotherapists
  • Ante/Post Natal Birth Educators
  • Nurses
  • Midwives

Ultimately……….advanced passionate professionals who want to go deeper and really improve their service, worth and offering to the Post Natal client.

Who has accredited this Advanced CPD + REPs Pre-Requisites and CPD and CEU Points

Burrell Education is a REPs Licensed Education Provider in the UK and Accredited by NASM in the USA and Globally.

Candidates who are REPs registered member are required to hold an Ante/Post Natal QUALIFICATION as a pre-requisite of attending this course.  On completion of all aspects of this education, the candidate will be awarded certification showing 16 CPD points.

Non REPs Members (fully qualified and insured fitness/wellness professionals) are welcomed to attend this education and receive certification bearing NASM Accreditation.

How is this course delivered? What kit do I need?
You need a computer and internet connection.  The course content, totalling 6 Modules is now automatically made live within the membership site after your first payment has been made.
Will I be well supported on this course even though it is delivered on-line?
YES, you will, 100%.  The Student Facebook Group will give you directly daily access to me – Jenny Burrell for as long as you need it.
How much time do I need to put aside for study?
I  feel that this depends on your study style but 3-4 hours for each module should be sufficient.
How Do I Secure My Place For The Next Course?
Your first payment, whether in full or by instalments, secures your spot!
How Long Can I Access The Course Content On-Line?

This Advanced CPD is now accessible in full, immediately on purchase and is delivered via a blend of Voiced Over PowerPoint Presentations supported by candidate PDFs and video lectures/presentations.

Multiple Choice End of Module Tests (10 - 20 Questions) will be available for candidates to take on-line after each Module has ended. All tests and case study  when combine = the final exam for this Advanced CPD. We estimate that you will need to set aside a minimum of 2-4 hours of study time for each module.


 Your Investment…..

7 Payments @ £57/month for 7 months – most popular!

3 Payments @ £137/month 

1 Payment @ £397

 Need to Convert Your Currency?

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Laura Morgan Knight, Personal Trainer, London UK.

LMK“Jenny’s Advanced post natal on line certification is a must for anyone wanting to work with the post natal mum. I have attended Jenny’s courses before (which have never disappointed) but since having a baby almost a year ago, I have found the online set up much more convenient. I can study in my own time, digest all the fantastic information at my own pace & refer back to it whenever I need to. Jenny is a brilliant speaker & just seems to have a way of getting the info to sink in. She has links with other fantastic health professionals who add a huge wealth of knowledge to the course & although I’m only a part of the way through it I already feel inspired & excited for the future of my business. The support through the Facebook group has been priceless & it’s so comforting being surrounded by so many inspiring women. Thank you Jenny, you truly are amazing”

Edita, London, Personal Trainer, London, UK.

edita“I’m almost at the end of my on line course with Jenny and I can say now – this is a brilliant course! You will learn everything you need to know to go and train post natal client. The course content is based on science and her own Jenny’s experience which makes it very real and gives you all the tools you need to go out there and help real women. It’s very informative, but not too complicated or overloaded, it’s also very enjoyable to listen to Jenny’s voice recordings – you won’t get bored. Learning never stops, but now I have got a very solid knowledge base, theory and practical and I am confident when training and helping post natal client. This course certainly was the best investment in my education. Thank you Jenny.”


Joanna Scholes, Personal Trainer, London, UK.

Joanna“Having completed Jenny’s Female 4R certification I was keen to expand my knowledge base further with the Advanced Post Natal certification both for my own knowledge as a mum and as a fitness trainer.  It did not disappoint, I found the progressive and expansive nature of the course work truly inspiring. I loved the online learning platform and found it to be a very effective and flexible way to study. Underpinning the course has been the excellent online support making for very comprehensive and accessible education.”



Alix Willmer, Personal Trainer

Although I first did my Pre and Post Natal qualification a couple of years ago, I always felt there had to be so much more to learn about this population and how we can provide them with really valuable education and advice. After some research, I came across Burrell Education and as I read Jenny’s blog and learnt more about the courses on offer, I really started to feel that this would be an amazing opportunity for me to get a much deeper understanding of postnatal fitness, as well as giving me the tools to improve and build my own business. I did hesitate a little at first as with two small children, getting out of the house for whole weekends to do courses is tricky. So I was so excited when the online offering was launched and had absolutely no hesitation but to get booked on as soon as possible.

I’m so glad I did – I already feel that what I can offer my clients has become so much more valuable to them and will help them to heal, recover and rebuild in the best possible way. And although this course has been done online, unlike some courses I have done in the past, this has felt anything but ‘distant and faceless’. Jenny really involves herself in what we’re all doing, how we’re getting on with the course material and is always happy to pass on her knowledge (which is amazing, by the way!). I would highly recommend this as a must-do to anyone working with postnatal clients.