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3 Delicious Integrated Pelvic Floor and Hip Mobilizers

I wanted to share with you these 3 utterly delicious integrated Pelvic Floor and hip moblizers because I think they might just transform the was you 'do stretching' with your Pregnant and Post Natal clients in relation to the pelvic moblity in general and the down-training and mobilization of their Pelvic Floor on a global perspective.   In most 'fitness scenarios', there's a huge amount of emphasis placed on the attainment of 'strength'....it's a goal unto itself for many professionals but we all KNOW that 'strength' is only one part of the puzzle and that without 'ideal length tension', the ability to move through a range of movements, to fully eccentrically load and concentrically unload....our strength is indeed limited and will probably lead to injury and/or dysfunction.  If you're working in the world of Pelvic Floor Rehab or Education, for sure, most of your clients will only really be aware of the need to 'strengthen' or 'tighten' their Pelvic Floor and it usually comes as a true lightbulb moment when they 'get' that they also need to apply an equal amount of the opposite to their Pelvic Floor and Core Self-Care programme.  Also on a more global level, if you clients get 'stuck' when squatting and their lunging looks off, apply these and watch these essential patterns transform and become much easier for the client.....

So, I love MOBILIZERS AND RELEASES and introducing clients to the joy of 'letting that thing go' :-).  When we all went to PT school, the stretching bit was seen as an annoying prelude to a beasting and the thing at the end of your session that hurt and simply increased the timespan of your suffering.  How about we just flip that narrative and we reinstate the 'stretching bit' as the BEST BIT of a session, if our role is to use it to ease the client into their 'communion' with their body before the main portion of your session or indeed at ANYTIME in their day....a little MOVEMENT SELF-LOVE.....and then at the end of the session, the most delicious way to say 'WELL DONE ME!'.....as the meme below says, "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"......we don't want to 'hammer' tired women, we want to support and encourage their love and delight in moving their wonderful bodies....for me....I'm listening for the "ooohs and aahhhh" and even the odd "right there, oh that feels gooooood" 😉 because everyone loves someone who makes them FEEEEEL GOOOOOD 🙂  Enjoy the video and tell me how many "ooohs" you say whilst perfoming these moves....

PS, as always, everything isn't for everyone, so ensure you've screened your client well especially for Pelvic Dysfunctions such as SIJ and SPD issues as well as POP and pelvic pain where caution needs to be exercised.....but you've got that haven't you?


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