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5 Wonderful Ways to Free the Piriformis – Video

Everted Feet


Here's my Piriformis Freedom Challenge for you this week whilst working with your Pregnant and Post Natal clients.........CHECK THEIR FEET!  Are they positioned as above? If they are, they may also have Piriformis pain and mobility restrictions.  The external rotation of the foot leads up to internal rotation of the femur.  The attachments for the Piriformis are the Greater Trochanter of the Femur and the interior surface of the Sacrum. So eversion of the foot leads to a shortening and restriction of the Piriformis.
This restrictions will challenge their ability to squat, lunge, bend over (flexion) at the very least and at the extremes, kickstart issues like Sciatica.  This foot pattern tends to happen to most women especially towards the end of Pregnancy and can be managed fairly easily in Pregnancy (see the STR release in the video below) but during the Post Natal period, this needs to be CORRECTED as continuing to walk with this everted foot pattern, well into the PN period has HUGE implications for the position of the Pelvis (anterior/Pelvic Floor off tilt = poor position for Pelvic Floor function) and low back pain caused bycompression of lumbar vertebrae  to name but a two associated issues.  And don't forget the impact of an anterior tilted pelvis on the potential for the weight of the abdominal cavity to press forward on to a weakened abdominal midline and a healing Diastasis in the Post Natal client.



So, here are my favourite ways to free the Piriformis for my Pregnant & Post Natal clients.  Not all are suitable for all, so check the notes on the video so you apply with discretion.

1.  Soft Tissue Release (STR)

2.  Acupressure/Ischaemic Pressure/Trigger Pointing with Tennis Balls

3.  Myofascial Foam Rolling

4.  ViPR Dynamic T-Step

5.  Dynamic 'Pigeon Pose' with Whole Body Vibration

NB the Tennis Balls under the Piriformis Ischaemic Pressure/Acupressure/Trigger Pointing - in Acupressure the points that you hit are B48 and GB30 (below).  In the Post Natal period, these two points are powerful for helping the client to truly release tension stored deep in the pelvis post birthing regardless of the style of birth.  I personally have used this for many years with Post Natal clients to help them release a sensation of GRIPPING deep within the pelvis that many experience.  I've NEVER known a client not to report a sense of 'decompression, deflation (in a good way) and general 'ahhhhhhness' once these balls have done their work.  Cheap and they make mommies very cheerful and are fab for homework too.   Conversely, they are used to help women RELEASE their pelvis ready for birthing in late Pregnancy, so probably a good one to avoid with your Pregnant Clients unless you are certified in Acupressure During Pregnancy.

Piriformis Acupressure Points B48 & GB20

Enjoy the video and let me know which of these you used/like best  & please share with your clients and colleagues....might just make the exercise part of your programming to a little smoother.

Instrument Assisted Massage Tool

Are you massage certified?  I'll be teaching the use of STR, PIR, Myofascial Foam Rolling, simple Acupressure, Instrument Assisted Massage, Draping, Bolstering and showing you how to use MET's safely in Pregnancy.  This course is extra special because the content is evenly weighted to include so much goodness to help you to help Post Natal women TRULY recover post birth and is the only CPD of it's kind in the UK.  Held at North London School of Sports Massage on 17/18 May.  Come and join me for this 'energy-in' two days that will transform your work with this very special client population.  More details and booking here.....

Here's What The Candidates Thought About The Most Recent Courses!

This is such an exciting course which really opened my eyes to a wealth of knowledge most mummies never come in contact with. I learned so much from the extensive online pre-learning, the two days of jam-packed practical work and all the other fabulous professionals on the course from all areas of massage, women’s health and fitness. From expanding my massage skills to really meet the needs of the pregnant client, to massively important post-natal work to help re-balance and assist the body with healing including work on breath, c-section scar recovery, diastasis and postural and alignment changes. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone looking at bordering their skills in this area. As a sports massage therapist I feel this course is just the start of my journey into a whole world of learning in women’s health fitness.

~ Cat Ridgway, Massage Therapist

From the moment you access the pre-learning content you know that this course is first class. The volume and quality of the information provided is second to none and in my opinion ALL of it is so relevant and essential to working with this special client group.
The practical aspect of the course was structured perfectly, and having two very accessible and knowledgeable tutors ensured that we worked steadily and confidently through all the content we were taught. There was plenty of time to learn and practice new techniques and I cannot recommend this course enough.

~ Rebecca Ramirez, Bump & Beyond, Gibraltar

This course was excellent. The tutors were phenomenal, they were helpful and so knowledgeable it was very impressive. The course was delivered with enthusiasm and professionalism and the amount of information and knowledge was huge! I have learnt so much on this two day course – new techniques – STRs and a greater understanding of changes to the body during and after pregnancy – and I have had three children!! Thank you for a truly fantastic course – great tutors, well written booklet, and brilliant to have ongoing access to resources to back up what was learnt on the course! Thank you!

~ Tina Mullan


Jane Taylor, http://www.taylormadefitness.biz/
“I came away from the Pregnancy & Post-Natal Massage & Remedial Therapy course feeling so inspired. I was amazed just how much really beautiful & effective massage and soft tissue release can be done with the client in a side-lying position, but this was so much more than a massage course. me_by_lindsay

As ever it is a privilege to study with Jenny Burrell & witness first-hand her unwavering passion for pregnant, pre- and post-natal women. The course manual is really detailed – covers far more than I expected it to in terms of post-natal care beyond massage therapy. The pre-course learning was excellent and the access to post-course videos and materials is really useful in helping to ensure that I have fully “got” what we covered in the course. I haven’t received post-course videos following other massage courses so they are an unexpected bonus and enables me to fully immerse myself in the practical aspects on the course rather than scribbling copious notes to refer back to later – thank you”

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