Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), DipSMRT, WHNC - Head and Founder of Burrell Education

Hello and welcome to Burrell Education!

Since February 2007, Burrell Education has curated live and and now online courses and events designed to educate and support Women's Health, Physiotherapy, Soft Tissue Therapy and Fitness Professionals in the creation of STAND-OUT offerings that have the potential to transform the lives of the women they serve.

The power of all our educational offerings is enhanced by the equal emphasis we place on theory, practical application and essential business and marketing strategies, VITAL for real-world success.

Our aim is to both deeply educate and get our students confidently 'OUT THERE' serving the many women who truly need our help, guidance and support.

My name is Jenny Burrell and I'm the head of Burrell Education one of the UK's leading-edge educators in the field of modern Pregnancy, Post Baby, 3rd Age (Peri-to Post-Menopause) and Female Fitness, Wellness, Massage + Bodywork Therapies.  Burrell Education also stands alone in the UK as the only education company solely dedicated to creating and delivering education to professionals serving women throughout their major lifephases.  We are an unashamedly female-focused education company.   The Mission is to ensure that no woman gets left behind when it come to her being deeply educated about her own body and empower to be her own deepest advocate for her health in both good and challenging times.


I'm also the creator of the ground-breaking Licensed women's Core Health wellness system, Holistic Core Restore® with close to 100 Licensees in the UK and Internationally.  Holistic Core Restore was created as a direct response to the Pelvic Health and continence issues I experienced after Sub-Total Abdominal Hysterectomy.  Ultimately, the education and  aftercare I received post-op didn't prepare me for the life that I wanted to live, an active and future-facing life.  In possibly the most challenging period of my life so far, I made a pledge to dedicate myself to creating a Pelvic Floor and Core rehab programme that 'Everywoman' would benefit from and was actually FIT FOR PURPOSE!  That was way back in 2013 and the results of this programme and the testimonies of the 1000's of women we empower every year, speak for themselves!  Read what 1000's of women say about Holistic Core Restore® here!

As well as authoring or co-creating  all the education offered, I lecture and present both nationally and internationally and have a monthly clinic serving women at the Hale Clinic in Harley St, London.

Burrell Education also partners and has partnered with some of the biggest  and most respected names in fitness to bring  leading edge education for this special population to a global audience such as Virgin Active, Power Plate and FitPro to name a few.

Quite simply, my intrinsic mission and that of my co-authors, is to help moms/women and specialist professionals who work with them  to realize the unlimited forward-facing possibilities for creating intuitive, real-life programming that quite simply GETS RESULTS but most importantly helps women re-connect with the power of who they REALLY are!

Because, as we all know happy, successful and empowered clients, especially female clients = REFERALS AND RETENTION ....the holy grail of running any successful business.  I hope that my education and systems will take you from FEAR to FANTASTIC, FUNCTIONAL AND FREEING EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION THAT HELPS YOU FULFIL THE NEEDS OF THE WOMEN YOU HAVE THE GOOD FORTUNE TO WORK WITH.

I’m hoping that if you are currently or are a would-be a fitness professional serving women, BURRELL EDUCATION will be your ongoing one-stop education (fitness, movement, soft-tissue therapy & business) resource.  Offering you some of the most inspiring and up-to-date education and information at the click of a mouse.  This is a living subject area - EVER EVOLVLING - and needs to be treated as such.  Thanks to the advances in technology and the amazing paradigm shift that we are now experiencing within the whole of fitness education, the game has finally changed for the better in this niche area of our industry and BURRELL EDUCATION aims to be at the forefront of this change and truly lead the way.

Welcome again, and I hope to be part of your educational journey!


Authored Courses, Workshops & Commercial Products

  • Creator and C0-Curator of the Burrell Education Woman on Fire Annual Event
  • Creator and Co-Curator of the Female Soft Tissue Therapy Academy
  • Author of Modern Pregnancy Exercise and Wellness - Level 1
  • Author of Modern Post Natal Exercise and Wellness - Level 1
  • Author of the C-Section, Hysterectomy and Abdominal Scar Immersion CPD
  • Author of the Pregnancy Massage and Post Natal Remedial Therapy CPD
  • Co-Author of Optimal Health After Hysterectomy CPD with Michelle Lyons
  • Co-Author of Barre, Bone and Balance Strong CPD With Eliza Nearn
  • Creator of the Burrell Education Business Hub Mentorship + Membership
  • C0 Author of Pelvic Floor and Core Foundations CPD with Michelle Lyons
  • Author of Pelvic Flow and Freedom CPD
  • Author of MenoStrength® CPD
  • Co-Author of 3rd Age Woman with Michelle Lyons and Jessica Drummond
  • Co-Author of Breath Better CPD with Michelle Lyons
  • Co-Author of Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner - Level 2 with Michelle Lyons and Sofie Jacobs
  • C0-Author of Advanced Post Natal Wellness Practitioner - Level 2 with Sofie Jacobs
  • C0-Author of Optimal Nutrition for Post Natal Healing and Recovery with Jessica Drummond
  • Author of Kineseotaping in Pregnancy and Post Birth
  • Author of Supportive Nutrition and Lifestyle for Soft Tissue Trauma Recovery
  • Co-Author of NatalStrength® CPD with Richard Scrivener and Vivienne Rounsely
  • Co-Author of Women's Wellness and Whole Body Vibration CPD with Erica Minter
  • Co-Author + Tutor on the Mummy MOT - Post Natal Physiotherapy Education with Maria Elliott of Simply Women's Health

Conferences, Partnerships & Relationships - I'm also a....

  • Virgin Active UK - Provider of Pregnancy & Post Natal Education to Personal Training Staff
  • Former ViPR Master Trainer
  • FitPro Presenter 2010,11,12,14,15, 16
  • Presenter at AsiaFit - 2016
  • Presenter at FILEX, Australia - 2016
  • Presenter at the International Fascia Symposium- 2018
  • Presenter at Evidence Based Fitness Academy Master Trainer Camp - 2017 + 2018
  • PtontheNet Author
  • Partner & Tutor with Power Plate® International
  • Former Partner & Tutor with Premier Training International
  • Former Partner & Tutor with North London School of Sports Massage

My Major Qualifications & Certifications

 Degree, Higher Education + Nutrition

  • BSc (Hons) Biochemistry & Microbiology
  • HND Food Science
  • Womens Health and Nutrition Coaching Certification (WHNC) - Integrative Pelvic Health Institute
  • ADAPT Kresser Institute Health Coaching - Current Study

Fitness + Movement

  • RSA Exercise to Music
  • YMCA Gym Instruction
  • FitPro Advanced Instructor Module Diploma in Personal Training
  • Ante/Post Natal Exercise Qualification & CPD Certifications
  • Certificate in Applied Functional Science (CAFS) - The Gray Institute
  • Power Plate® Core Fundamentals
  • ViPR Instructor Certificate & Master Trainer
  • Biomechanics Coach Diploma
  • CHEK Programme Design
  • CHEK Scientific Core Training
  • CHEK Scientific Back Training
  • PREMIER Resisted Movement Training
  • FASTER Advanced Functional Trainer Workshop
  • FASTER Advanced Functional Trainer Diploma
  • The Female Athlete - Integrative Pelvic Health Institute
  • Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach - Current Study

Soft Tissue Therapies

  • ITEC Holistic Massage
  • BTEC Sports & Remedial Massage
  • CPD Diploma in Pregnancy Massage CPD
  • Shiatsu/Acupressure Diploma CPD
  • Neurokinetic Therapy with David Weinstock - Level 1 + 2
  • Yoga Tune Up Certification with Jill Miller
  • Visceral Manipulation CPD
  • Kineseotaping CPD
  • Biomechanics Coach Diploma