Hello and welcome to Burrell Education!
Since February 2007, Burrell Education has curated leading-edge LIVE and and now ONLINE courses and events designed to educate and support Women’s Health, Movement, Fitness, Physiotherapy, Soft Tissue Therapy and Coaching professionals, in the creation of their own STAND-OUT offerings.  Offerings that have the potential to transform the quality and quantity of the lives of the women they serve.
In launching Burrell Education 2.0, I’ve given this globally highly-regarded business, the gift of RE-IMAGINATION + FIRM ALIGNMENT TO ABIDING AND NEWER PASSIONS!  Burrell Education 2.0 is dedicated to the DEEP SPECIALISTS, those who are PRIMARILY Women’s Wellness Professionals throughout their professional activities.  Those who are already going or ready to go further, ask better and deeper questions and equally value ‘soul work’ and ‘mental wellbeing’ alongside ‘sets and reps’ and ‘rehab protocol’. 

In Burrell Education 2.0, ADVANCED Women’s global and Pelvic Health Studies, Soft Tissue Therapies, building nourishing, sustainable business and the art of coaching – ALL THROUGH A FEMALE LENS, now takes centre-stage.  
Burrell Education 2.0 is dedicated to ‘WHOLISM’, the notion that to understand who we are, what ails us and what supports us to thrive, we MUST view our bodies and minds as deeply interconnected sum of parts…..”it’s all connected”! 

Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), WHNC, SMRT
Founder and Lead Author/Tutor Burrell Education

Hi, my name is Jenny Burrell and I’m the Founder, CEO, Lead Tutor and Course Curator of Burrell Education.

Burrell Education was born on 27th February 2007 with a single 1-Day Course and now boasts a suite of more than 20 ONLINE and IN-PERSON courses, co-created with BEST-IN-CLASS co-authors who are deep specialist for their subjects.  Teamwork makes this dream work!

My foundation degree is a BSc (Hons) in Food Biochemistry and Microbiology and I hold a range of ADVANCED CERTIFICATES in Women’s Fitness, Perinatal Wellness, Nutrition, Breast Cancer Rehab and Soft Tissue Therapies in the world of physical wellness.  In the world of mental wellbeing, I hold certificates/am educated  in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Counselling, Compassionate Inquiry(R) and Somatic Coaching and am currently a Diploma candidate studying Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Counselling.

I’m also the very proud creator of Holistic Core Restore(R) – a unique suite of Licensed Pelvic Health programmes that have transformed the meaning and practicalities and effectiveness of Pelvic Floor exercise and core rehab for 1000’s of women via more than 100 Licensee based in the UK and Globally.

My abiding reason for doing what I’ve done for nearly 25 years has been to MAKE WORK THAT MATTERS to me, the world of Women’s Health and work that has the potential to transform the lives of women whilst simultaneous NEVER BEING AFRAID to lead with new ideas and question long-established ways of serving and supporting women.  My personal manifesto includes favourably ‘moving the needle’ on what is really required to create rich, nourishing, healthful lives.  Never moreso, in the world of Health and Wellbeing are women required to channel and practice the powers of self-advocacy and stand firm in the AUTHORITY AND WISDOM OF THEIR OWN BODIES.  Women have come a long way but we still have much work to do…..let’s do it together!