Adapting Modern Functional Fitness Tools For The Pregnant & Post Natal Client

The 2016 Modern Pregnancy to Post Natal Fitness Update Tour

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I'm beyond pleased to be partnering with FitPro Live and to be going on the road to present this unique,  groundbreaking and specially created education.  I'll travelling from the south coast, through the Midlands and up to Scotland and sincerely hope to meet many of you who aren't able to get to my usual Burrell Education London dates.
This course will only ever be available live in this first half of 2016 as part of a series of exclusive live events curated by FitPro as once again, they lead the field in fitness and wellness education and partners with 'the best in class' to bring great education to fitness and wellness professionals throughout the UK.  Don't forget to look out for the rest of the amazing offerings in this series.
Overwhelmingly, the world of Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise wellness and exercise prescription has come a long way in the past few years and your role serving this population is changing.  But with great education you can step into your expanded role and your work with this client population can be and mean so much more.  The modern Pregnant and Post Natal woman also expects more.  She wants to remain strong, vital and energised throughout her Pregnancy and recover deeply in the Post Natal period.  This education will give you some KEY and vital education that is typically missing from a standard education and set you apart as a leader in this field.
To deliver a standout service, your assessment and prescription skills need to be 'on-point' and truly in tune with the needs of the client.  Professionals serving this client population need to be able to educate the client and empower a love of movement and self-care.
These days, we're all surrounded by a wide range of effective, functional kit for the general population but many of us draw a blank when considering how to use and modify these tools safely with with the Pregnant and Post Natal client?  Can their use be modified for safe/appropriate use with this client population?  The answer is OVERWHELMINGLY YES!  
This UNIQUE education aims to update your pre-screening and the basics of assessment for both the Pregnant and Post Natal client and provide you with a strong foundation on which to base your Integrated and Functional programming for these women using the tools you currently have mastered with other clients.
The key principles and skills you will learn during this education........
  • Pre-Screening the Pregnant and Post Natal Client - Vital Red Flags and Contraindications to mainstream exercise.
  • Programming for Function!  How to incorporate 'Motherhood Movements Patterns' to truly get moms fit for purpose!  Moms Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull, Lift, Bend Over, Rotate and need to Balance all day long.  Our exercise prescription needs to 100% match their activities of daily life.  How to progress and regress your programming according to the needs and abilities of your client.
  • Introduction to modern 'Movement Based Pelvic Floor Exercise®' - Where the Myofascial Lines, functional movement and the breath all unite to create a highly effective, integrated solution for teaching Pelvic Floor Exercise that CLIENTS GET & GET'S RESULTS!
  • Introduction to 'Natal Crunchless Core®' - Staying connected to and maintaining a functional core during Pregnancy is ESSENTIAL especially when birthing and dealing with the fast-past changes of Pregnancy posture/alignment.  Then, on the return journey, in the Post Natal period, after assessing and categorizing the PN core, these 'vertical' strategies provide an easy to progress, functional and healing solution for the active mom.
  • Putting It All Together - Creating interesting, fun, safe, effective and time efficient programmes for the Pregnant throughout the Trimesters and Post Natal client as she recovers post birth.
  • Introduction to integrated 'stretching' protocols using Dynamic Integrated Movement® (DIM) strategies that truly prepare the client for the movement to come and down-train the nervous system post exercise

All integrated with functional tools such as........

Loaded Movement Training using the ViPR
Mega Bands, Lightweight Resistance Bands & Mini Bands
Gym floor functional kit such as Suspension Trainers, Dumbbells, Bosu, Swiss Balls

At the end of this Workshop, you will confidently be able to.....

Perform an improved Pre-Screen of the Pregnant or Post Natal woman and understand the implication of Red Flag conditions
Assess your client for Rectus Diastasis and 'core connection' and create suitable exercise programming for what you find or initiate a referral pathway
Create, progress and regress SAFE AND APPROPRIATE integrated, functional programmes for the Pregnant or Post Natal client
Create bespoke and 'Pelvic Floor Safe' Interval Training strategies to aid time-efficient Post Natal fat loss
Prescribe Standing Dynamic Mobilizations/Releases and Session End Strategies specific Pregnant/Post Natal woman

Additional 'Eternal Access Content'

Your 'eternal access' on-line portal will contain key foundation education that will support your work with this client population
You'll receive a PDF Manual and have 'eternal access'  to filmed content of all the strategies and movement taught on the live day held with an online portal - perfect for referring back to after training so you can plan your offering thoroughly
You'll receive a copy of my tried and tested ‘A.S.K System’ – to help you Attract, Serve and  Keep your Pregnant & Post Natal clients like never before

REPs Members Pre-Requisites and CPD Points Information

Candidates who are REPs registered member are required to hold an Ante/Post Natal QUALIFICATION as a pre-requisite of attending this course.  On completion of all aspects of this education, the candidate will be awarded 16 CPD Points if they meet the pre-requisites as stated above and/or receive joint certification from Burrell Education and FitPro.

Pre-Learning Requirements

When candidates have enrolled and paid for their place on the course, they will be sent login details to the online portal holding their PRE-LEARNING CONTENT and 20 question multiple choice exam that needs to be completed before their attendance of the live day which will be predominantly practical application.  PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 1 week between booking and the live date to ensure you have sufficient time to complete your pre-learning.

Assessment & Examinations

Multiple Choice Exam of the Pre-Learning Content (20 questions – 75% pass rate).
Practical Skills – Assessing for Diastasis, Core Connection and programming for the Ante/Post Natal client – candidates need to be proficient in ALL activities to achieve a pass mark.


Workshop dates

Sunday 21 Feb 2016 - London
Saturday 19 Mar 2016 -  South West
Saturday 23 Apr 2016 - North
Sunday 24 Apr 2016 - Midlands
Saturday 7 May 2016 - Scotland
Sunday 8 May 2016 - London

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