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FINALLY!  Introducing this brand new,  Global Advanced CPD from Burrell Education in proud partnership with Kaisa Tuominen of Fitness Integral, Spain for Wellness & Fitness Professionals serving the Pregnant woman wherever you are in the world.  I asked Kaisa if she would partner with me on this CPD to bring to this project her enormous wealth of knowledge and experience with the Pregnant client regarding birth preparation on not only a physiological level but a psychological level also and also her wisdom on the influence of maternal well-being on the unborn baby.  Her contributions to this CPD will ensure that you receive an education that goes way beyond 'standard' and celebrates the magnificence of motherhood like no other certification.

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Are you working with Pregnant women but really feel you want and need to go much, much deeper than just providing standard exercise classes?  Do you feel that your previous education dealt mainly with the technicalities of Pregnancy but not the 'sentient' aspects that would really help you to complete your circle of care for your clients and create a STANDOUT offering?  Do you really want to have greater insight into their pressing issues and provide solutions for the areas of health, well-being and birth preparation that concern the modern mother most?  Are you ready to create a deep, successful and satisfying business that creates successful clients who become your LOYAL, RAVING FANS? Yes? Then this Advanced CPD is for you!

Accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals in the UK - Burrell Education is a Licensed Educator Provider and awaiting Accreditation from NASM.

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Module 1 - Foundation Natal Anatomy/Physiology and AssessmentModule 2 - Honing Your Hands-On Assessment & Remedial 'Release' Strategies for the Pregnant ClientModule 3 - Maintaining 'Core Connection' and Preparing the Pregnant Core For Birthing via Bespoke Integrated Functional Training - A Modern & Revolutionary ApproachModule 4 - The Science of Giving Birth & Holistic Birth Preparation StrategiesModule 5 - Nutrition & Optimum Lifestyle During Pregnancy & Into the Early Post-Natal PeriodModule 6 - Wowing, Wooing, Attracting, Serving and Keeping Your Pregnant to Post Natal Clients

1.  Pregnancy Through the Trimesters - Review of Foundation Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy and Birthing

2.  The 'Business' of  Creating a Service for the Pregnant Woman.

3.  Whole-Client Pre-Screening (general health and Pelvic Health) of the Pregnant client - cautions, considerations and contraindications to exercise programming & global guidelines.

4.  Common and Key Pregnancy Alignment Issues Throughout the Trimesters.

5. The Pregnant Core & Pelvic Floor Throughout the Trimesters, Intrinsic Core Synergy® and Modern Movement-Based Pelvic Floor Exercise®.

6. Changes to the Myofascial/Musculoskeletal Systems and Postural Alignment During Pregnancy.

7. The  Pregnant Client's Initial Consultation - Key Elements, 'MUST DO'S', and how to present your signature offering with empathy and professionals to win client - EVERYTIME.

Bonus End Module 1 Interview - What's 'Normal' During Pregnancy and When To Seek Referral For Your Clients - Michelle Lyons, Women's Health Physiotherapist.

1. Appropriate hands on & off 'Release Strategies' and Dynamic Mobilizations for the Pregnant Client to maintain postural alignment and 'core connection' throughout the Trimesters.

2.  Simple and effective Soft Tissue Strategies for Pregnancy Postural Alignment 'Hot Spots' - Release, Realign, Restore Function  & Strengthen - Fascial, Functional, Fitness for Females During Pregnancy.

Bonus End of Module 2 Interview -  Pain & Diastasis in Pregnancy -  Isa Herrera, Renew Physical Therapy, New York & Author of Ending Pain During Pregnancy.

1. Modern Movement Based Pelvic Floor Exercise® - Theory & Application Natal Crunchless Core®- Pregnancy - Theory and Application of Modern Integrated Core Strength Work in Pregnancy.

2. Motherhood Movement Patterns® Theory, Practical Application & Programming - Modern Functional Training For REAL Moms with REAL lives throughout the Trimesters.

Bonus End of Module 3 Interview - The Hypertonic Pelvic Floor - Amy Stein, Beyond Physical Therapy, New York & Author of End Pelvic Pain.

1.  The Endocrine System, baby positioning and pelvic mobility for birth preparation.

2.  Birthing and the lifetime wellness of mom and baby.

3.  Physiological birthing and how to help your clients have a better chance of a physiological birth.

4.  Birth preparation exercises.  Exercises to prepare both the mind and body for birthing.

Bonus End of Module 4 Interview - Obstetric Violence - Jesusa Ricoy Olariga

1. Nutrition During Pregnancy - current clinical and holistic guidelines.

2. Optimizing the maternal and infant gut microbiome during Pregnancy and the implications of disbiosis.

3. Nutrition for the breastfeeding mom and infant development

4.  Tissue and hormonal preparation for birthing and facilitated Post Natal recovery.

5.  Birth Trauma and Early Post Natal Optimal Nutrition for Recovery.

 Bonus End of Module 5 Interview - Integrated Nutrition During Pregnancy

1. Mastering Your On-Line Socal Media Strategies

2. Mastering Your Off-Line Community Strategies

3. i-love-wordpress-pinkAccess to the 'I Love WordPress' On-Line, Real-Time, Self-Paced Tutorials

4.  Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Collaborations and Getting In Front of those Mommies!

5. Feminizing Your Business & Truly Speaking to and Connecting With Women

6.  Creating your 'Prenatal and Beyond Tribe' - how to incorporate rituals and celebrations into your service to sincerely celebrate motherhood with your clients.

6.  Programming Throughout the 3 Trimesters and into the immediate Post Natal period

7. The Ante-Post Natal Client Life-Cycle.....How to plan your business to avoid dips in income and keep you client even after their return to work.

Bonus End of Module 6 Interview -  Charging Your Worth, Being Visible and Working ON Your Business - An Interview with Rachel Holmes, The UK's Top Fitness Entrepreneur.


This Advanced CPD is delivered as 6 Modules, all accessible immediately on purchase.

All Modules delivered via a blend of Voiced Over PowerPoint Presentations supported by candidate PDFs and video lectures/presentations.

Multiple Choice End of Module Tests (10-20 Questions) or Case Studies will be available for candidates to take on-line after each Module has ended. All tests, when combined = the final exam for this Advanced CPD.


  • Life-time support via Exclusive Candidate Facebook Group
  • Access to and full use of the Burrell Education female anatomy/Pelvic Health artwork library
  • CD2 MP3 'Shhhh' Meditation Downloads for personal or use with clients - including template for creating a simple meditation offering in your business.
  • The Burrell Education Nutrition For Healing and Hormonal Balance Recipe PDF & Power Point Presentation -  Ideal for Client Attraction Talks
  • Rebrandable Post Natal Fat Loss client manual - Fully Updated 2015 Version
  • Nutrition for Post Natal Healing Power Point Presentation - Ideal for Client Attraction Talks
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Testimonials for Advanced CPD in Modern Pregnancy

Having just completed the Advanced Post Natal on line certification I wanted to take a moment to thank you for offering what I believe to be a leading and truly unique educational programme. Your approach is refreshingly holistic, to a depth which sets it well apart from any other professional course I have undertaken.
I took this course as a Physiotherapist looking to expand my post natal and pregnancy offering through more of a 'fitness' led approach. I can honestly say that my expectations have been completely surpassed. The programme draws from an impressive network of clinical experts to provide a powerful knowledge base and, more importantly, the capability of how to apply it. All this is underpinned with your commercial and personal ethos which is empowering, inspiring and wholly motivational.

I feel so grateful and fortunate to have rather nervously pressed the 'buy it now' button, but can honestly say that this has been a great investment; which in conjunction with this new network of peers, will fundamentally shape and continue to shape my future business - Thank you!

I am hugely looking forward to the Women on Fire festival in April!

Sarahjane West-Watson, Physiotherapist

SPO_0055I have really enjoyed doing the Advanced Pregnancy Course run by Jenny Burrell and Kaisa Tuominen.  I have increased my knowledge on / around pregnancy conditions, contraindications, exercises, tissue releases, assessment and exercises / information to help my mums-to-be more likely to have a physiological birth.  I am a qualified physio (although not practising now), running a Pilates business.

Doing the course has helped to develop my business and offer a better service to my ladies.  Jenny also believes passionately about encouraging the whole business planning, not just additional knowledge so each of her courses include how to implement into and develop your business.

I would totally recommend doing any of Jenny’s courses to instructors who work with ladies.

~ Sue Coult

I’m a Personal Trainer and mum to 2 little girls. I’ve had by Level 3 Ante/Post Natal qualification for 7 years now and I just felt that the information was out of date. I wanted to start offering more to pregnant ladies in the Isle of Man and I came across this course. I’m on Module 4 now and I can honestly say that it has opened my eyes and given me so much more confidence to work with this clientele. The way the information is presented on a monthly basis is great and as a busy mum of 2 running my own business I found the bite size videos easy to process. The passion, enthusiasm and knowledge that both Jenny and Kaisa show rubs off on you and I am so excited to now take this information and put it into practice with my pregnant clients. I have also just started the Post Natal course with Jenny and I can honestly say that she now has a student for life!!

~ Rachel Kermeen, Isle of Man