Advanced Post Natal Wellness Practitioner – Level 2

The 7 Pillars of Advanced Post Birth Wellness Programming Excellence


Introducing a brand new Advanced Post Natal Wellness Practitioner - Level 2 from Burrell Education in association with Sofie Jacobs (Urban Hatch - Midwife)

This brand new 2020 Global Online Certification, suitable for Fitness, Pilates, Yoga, Birth Preparation Coaches, Doulas, Physiotherapy professionals serving women in their Post Birth life phase, aims to break new ground in terms of its MULTI-DISCIPLINARY depth and breadth of content, delivery, practical application, business building and support for the enrolled professional.


This education is accredited by the CIMSPA in the UK and NASM in the US and Globally and CanFitPro in Canada.

What does it truly take to serve the modern mom after giving birth?

What does it truly take to serve the modern mom after giving birth?  What does it take to truly complete the circle of care for this woman in the modern world?  Probably a lot more than we were originally led to believe through our original certifications which in general are highly focused on theory, cautions and contraindications as opposed to the wonder of 'what's possible', practical application and the potential to do 'great work' whilst developing a nurturing and supportive partnership with the women we serve.

This certification is for you if.......

  • You want to learn how to screen and assess your Post Natal clients LIKE A BOSS!  Better screening = better programming = better RESULTS!
  • You are you working with Pregnant or Post Natal women but really feel you want and need to go much, much deeper than just providing standard or a stand-alone 'exercise' class and want to be part of woman truly 'coming home to themselves' and what their amazing bodies have just achieved?
  • You feel that your previous education dealt mainly with the 'exercise' element of but not the 'sentient' and deeper aspects from BIRTHING TO the 4th TRIMESTER alongside exploration of a BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL MODEL of Post Natal recovery that could really help you to complete your 'circle of care' for your clients and create a STANDOUT offering?
  • You want to deepen your education regarding both physiological mechanics and psychological aspects birth trauma.
  • You'd love to be confident to guide your client on a journey all the way from unwinding their Pregnancy posture and regaining an optimal breathing strategy all the way to a goal such as getting back to dynamic and heavy gym or sport by creating the strongest foundation via sound Core and global rehab.
  • You'd love to be truly skilled at creating progressed exercise/wellness/movement using a variety of tools both inside and outside of the gym scenario.
  • You want to deepen your education regarding Core Integrated Functional Training during the Post Birth period and become skilled at adapting Functional Exercise kit for the needs of the Post Natal client.
  • You really want to have greater insight into the pressing issues that Post Natal women have and provide solutions for the areas of health and well-being that concern modern mother most.
  • You want a better understanding  of and resources to help you help clients suffering with Post Natal Depletion, Post Natal PTSD and Depression and struggles in coming to terms with their life as a mother.
  • You're ready to create a deep, successful and satisfying business that creates happy and successful clients who become your LOYAL, RAVING FANS and you need to improve your business skills to do this! Yes? Then this Advanced CPD is for you!

Here's Your Course Content

Module 1:  Advanced Anatomy and Physiology and DEEP Client Screening Parts 1 + 2

Advanced Anatomy and Physiology and Client Screening

  • The Modern Mother – her needs, and what she expects from a modern Post Birth rehab professional
  • Post Natal Pre-Screening Masterclass – why screening matters and how doing it well will TRANSFORM YOUR OUTCOMES!
  • The Role of the Midwife/Health Visitor Post Immediately Birth + Beyond’ – Interview with Nina Parnham – Midwife
  • Fascia, Biotensegrity and Thomas Myers’ Myofasical Lines
  • Fascial Tensegrity in the Natal period
  • Pelvic Floor, Incontinence and Prolapse 101
  • Introduction to your Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • The Kegel Continuum(R) – The NEW SCHOOL for Kegels
  • Conscious vs Unconscious Pelvic Floor Activation Rationale
  • Diastasis and Abdominal A&P
  • Assessing and Coaching Optimal Alignment
  • Testing for Diastasis and ‘Grading’ the Post Natal Core
  • Coaching a ‘Better Breath’ – Hands on strategies for coaxing optimal respiration
  • Coaching Intrinsic Core Synergy(R) – Getting all key elements of the core communicating with each other
  • Assessing Post Natal movement capabilities 

Module 2:  Advanced Post Natal Practitioner Topics

Going Deeper Into Birthing and Post Natal Recovery

  • Birthing and Medical Interventions Masterclass with Sofie Jacobs – Midwife
  • Advanced Red Flags in Pelvic Health with Michelle Lyons – Women’s Health Physiotherapist
  • The Post Birth Pelvic Floor, Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Pessaries – Michelle Lyons + Sue Croft – Women’s Health Physiotherapists
  • What Happens During a Women’s Health Physiotherapy Pelvic Exam Appointment – Michelle Lyons – Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Module 3:  Current Diastasis Rehab Consensus + Rehabbing the Post Natal Core

Core Rehabbing Strategies, Pelvic Floor Mobility and Downtraining and Alignment Rehab

  • Diastasis Theory, Current Consensus and ‘Grading’ the Post Natal Core
  • Integrating Diastasis and Pelvic Floor Rehab via Movement
  • Post Natal Core Rehab – Saggital Exercise Selection
  • Post Natal Core Rehab – Rotational Exercise Selection
  • Post Natal Core Rehab – Client ‘Homeworkables’

Module 4:  Integrated Post Natal Return to Strength Programming

How to Choose and Progress Functional Loading and Dynamic Mobilizations to Improve Post Birth Alignment + Programme Creation

  • Pre and Post Exercise Dynamic Mobilizations –  Video Movement Library
  • Motherhood Movement Patterns(R) Explored and Explained
  • Post Birth Functional Exercise Progressions – Video Movement Library
  • Putting It All Together – How to create a programme for early post birth to fully recovered…..HOW TO GET GREAT RESULTS!!

Module 5:  Optimal Nutrition and Lifestyle for Post Natal Recovery

Whole Woman and Real Life Strategies for Supporting Deep Nourishment, Support and Rest

  • System and Endocrine Changes of Pregnancy into the Post Natal period and implications for maternal depletion and wellbeing
  • Optimal nutrition and for Post Birth soft tissue repair and recovery
  • Optimal lifestyle considerations for Post Birth soft tissue repair and recovery
  • Optimal nutrition for maternal and infant gut and brain health
  • Includes Optimal Nutrition Plan and Done-For-You Recipes for use with your clients

Module 6:  Planning for the 4th Trimester and Beyond

Supporting and Preparing Mom for an Empowered Motherhood

  • How Women’s Wellness professionals can support the mother in cultivating her ‘NEW MOM IDENTITY’
  • Post Natal Depletion – what is it and how can we support mothers to recognise and recover from it
  • Post Natal Depression – the stats, causes, signs and symptoms and how to signpost clients to get help
  • Paternal Post Natal Depression – how depression affects fathers too and how to signpost clients to get help
  • Post Natal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – with Clinical Hypnotherapist and PTDS Specialist – Fiona Nicolson
  • Hormone Therapy in the Post Natal period – with Dr. Anu Arasu – Bioidentical Hormone Specialist
  • 4 Supportive Coaching Strategies for new moms for you to learn and apply

Module 7: Marketing to and Serving the Post Natal Client

How to Serve and Sell With Soul! And Create a Business THAT YOU LOVE!

  • Literally, a step by step video guide covering the ESSENTIALS of taking this education and creating an AWESOME, DEEP AND RESULTS DRIVEN offering for the women you serve.  It’s deep, it’s big, hundreds of professionals have used these strategies successfully and they’ll work for you too.  Remember, we need to be both SMART, EDUCATED and KNOW HOW TO AND BE ABLE TO RUN A BUSINESS!

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Your Investment For Both Advanced Courses: £447

Monthly Instalments Available
6 Payments @£74.50
3 Payments @ £149
2 Payments @ £223.50

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Additional Info + FAQ's


Pre-Requisites: Who is this Advanced CPD For?
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Yoga Practitioners
  • Pilates Practitioners
  • Physiotherapists
  • Ante/Post Natal Birth Educators
  • Nurses
  • Midwives

Ultimately……….all advanced passionate professionals who want to go deeper and really improve their service, worth and offering to the Post Birth woman.

Who has accredited this Advanced CPD and CPD and CEU Points Info

Burrell Education is a CIMPSA Accredited Education Provider in the UK and Accredited by NASM in the USA and Globally and CanFitPro in Canada.

How Is This Course Delivered? What kit do I need?
You need a computer and internet connection.  The course content, totalling 7 Pillars of Excellence is available on purchase within the membership site after your first payment has been made whether in full or via instalments.
Will I Be Well Supported On This Course Even Though It Is Delivered On-Line?
YES, you will, 100%.  The Burrell Educaiton Student Facebook Group will give you directly daily access to your tutors for as long as you need it both during your learning-to-certification period and after certification.
How Much Time Do I Need To Put Aside For Study?
I  feel that this depends on your study style but 2-3 hours for each module should be more than sufficient.
How Do I Secure My Place For The Next Course?
Your first payment, whether in full or by instalments, secures your spot!
How Long Can I Access The Course Content On-Line?
What's the Difference Between This Certification And The Previous Advanced Post Natal Cert?
Great question!  Like all businesses, over time, offerings and staff change and products are upgraded.  This is simply the case here.  Every single word and video of this course has been re-written and so yes, THIS IS A BRAND NEW PRODUCT/COURSE but at the same time, just as EXCELLENT as our previous Advanced offering.
I'm still studying or have completed the previous Advanced Post Natal Course, is that course/certification still valid? Do I still have access to the content?

Absolutely!  You have the same eternal access to the Advanced course your purchased and your certificate is/will still be valid.  If you’ve yet to certify, nothing at all has changed, just complete the required tests and case study and you’ll be awarded the certificate as named when you purchased.

Why Has The Name of this Certification Changed?

The name has changed to reflect a complete re-brand and refreshen across all the courses within Burrell Education that will be complete by the end of December 2020.

What is your Refund/Cancellation Policy?
You can view our policy on refunds and cancellations here .

This Advanced CPD is now accessible, immediately on purchase and is delivered via a blend of Movement/Lecture Videos and Voiced Over Power Point Presentations supported by downloadable PDFs, interviews and comprehensive movement library.

Multiple Choice End of Module Tests (10 - 20 Questions) will be available for candidates to take on-line after each Module has ended with a pass mark of 75% per test.  We estimate that you will need to set aside a minimum of 2-3 hours of study time for each module.

 Your Course Tutors

Principle Tutor: Jenny Burrell - Female Movement, Nutrition and Soft Tissue Therapy

Jenny Burrell is the Head of Burrell Education and with over 20 years dedicated to the fitness, soft-tissue therapy, nutrition of and wellness of the Pregnant, Post Natal and Peri-to-Post-Menopausal woman.  Jenny travels the globe as a highly sought after international presenter and is also the creator of Holistic Core Restore®, a ground breaking, integrated suite of Pelvic Health programmes designed for women at all life phases and leads a global group of  over 100 Licensees that span the globe.  Burrell Education is dedicated to elevated the 'art and soul of serving women' to it's highest level.....#justaimforexcellent! You can find out more about Jenny, Burrell Education and Holistic Core Restore® here.

Principle Tutor: Sofie Jacobs - Midwifery

Sofie Jacobs(BSc) is an internationally experienced Midwife who graduate in Belgium in 1998.  She has since lived and worked in London and now Hong Kong.  Sofie has cared for and coached thousands of women and their partners through Pregnancy and Post Partum and has delivered hundreds of babies in hospital, at home, as well as birthing centres.  Sofie is a strong believer in using mindfulness, movement, nutrition and essential tools to prepare for birth and parentood as well as recovery afterwards.  Sofie is also trained in Pilates and holds certification from Burrell Education in Optimal Nutrition for Pregnancy and Post Partum.  The mission of Sofie's company, Urban Hatch is to help increase her clients' physical and emotional resilience from bump to birth and beyond.