Introducing NatalStrength® – The Definitive Guide To A Safe Return To Strength Training Post Birth!

This offering from Burrell Education in collaboration with Richard Scrivener (Strength and Conditioning Coach and Global Educator) and Vivienne Rounsley (Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist and CrossFit Coach). NatalStrength® is the perfect addition to your foundation Post Natal Exercise/Movement education for those wishing to work safely and effectively with the Post Birth woman following Strength and Conditioning Training protocols once foundation ‘core restoration’ has be achieved.

It is ACCESS ANYTIME which means once you purchase you get access to all the Modules and Content and the Facebook Support Group hosted by Jenny Burrell, Co-Authors and the rest of the Burrell Education Admin Team immediately and you complete the contents and exam in your own time.

Your Investment…

1 Payment @ £397

3, 6 and 9 monthly instalment options available

Course Content


Foundation Birthing, Pelvic Health and Post Natal Anatomy & Physiology
Jenny Burrell


The Principles of Programming Progressive Overload
Richard Scrivener


Post Natal Mobility Re-Imagined
Jenny Burrell and Richard Scrivener


80 NatalStrength® Progressions for the Key Human Movement Patterns, the Kegel Continuum PLUS, and Excel Spreadsheet ‘Programme Generator’
Richard Scrivener, Vivienne Rounsley, Jenny Burrell


‘Strong Mom’ Interviews – Insightful Interviews with REAL MOMS – who lift heavy – Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting and CrossFit!

Your Tutors

Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons),

Richard Scrivener

Strength & Conditioning Coach
and Global Educator

Vivienne Rounsley

Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist
and CrossFit Coach

  • ANY Certified and Insured Movement Professional already certified to work with the Post Natal population
  • Pre/Post Natal Post Natal Yoga Professionals
  • Pre/Post Natal Pilates Professionals
  • Post Natal Certified Strength Coaches
  • Post Natal Physiotherapists
  • Post Natal Certified Fitness Professionals
  • Post Natal Certified Women’s Health Educators + Clinicians
  • Midwives
  • Doulas

Like most Burrell Education courses, this education has been accredited by PDApproval/REPs in the UK and candidates will receive the allotted 7 CPD points on completion of all test elements. (Burrell Education is a Licensed Education Provider).   This education is also accredited by NASM and carries CEU points also.  All certificates of completion will bear the accreditation logos and appropriate CPD/CEU points.

A 30 question multiple choice exam covering the contents of Modules 1 + 2 needs to be passed (70% minimum mark) in order to gain Burrell Education certification and the CEU/CPD points available.

You need a computer and internet connection.  The full content is available IMMEDIATELY on part or full payment for the course.

YES, you will, 100%.  There will be an associated Facebook Support Group which will give you directly daily access to the tutors/authors and all of the other course participants.

I feel that this depends on your study style but 3-4 hours maximum for each module should be sufficient.  But you have eternal access so may wish to return to the content and go over again.

The total GLH (guided learning hours) for this course is 20 hours.

Forever and ever!  Access to both all materials, videos, PDF downloads and the Facebook Support Group are open to you forever.

You can view our policy on refunds and cancellations here .

Your Investment…

1 Payment @ £397

3, 6 and 9 monthly instalment options available