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Are You Just Doing The Easy Stuff? How to Build Your ‘Brave Muscle’ – Part 2

I was trying to explain to a friend my work ethic and my motivation to create and this then prompted me to really analyze why I love, accept and thrive on the hard stuff and juicy stuff that I can really get my teeth into and why I'm not so attracted to or expect 'easy', so I thought I'd write this blog to see if these thoughts resonated with goes!

pressure makes diamonds

You see, ultimately, I don't think that a life well-lived = an easy life.  I've search my mind over and over again for people who I both respect and admire and boy, have they got a 'story'.  I think that the life where you experience your fair wodge of trials, tribulations, challenge and pressure in amongst all the laughs and good times is the life that's going to create a DIAMOND.  What I think happens is that when you challenge yourself, start to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and willingly or not endure duress and live to tell the tale, you grow your 'metaphorical b*lls' and a deep belief that mostly..........IT ALL WORKS OUT IN THE END.

get comfortable with being uncomfortable

I'm starting to really 'get' those old sayings now like 'if it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger' personal interpretation of this one is 'if no body dies and I won't go to prison for it, it's generally going to be fine' LOL!  And without a doubt I KNOW that the most challenging situations in my life have created the biggest shifts and the biggest growth spurt for metaphorical b*alls even if I wasn't appreciative at the time.  I love a 'ring of fire' because I know when I get a little singeing, I've also had another layer of BS burnt off me and am moving even closer to being  the ME I came here to be.

ring of fire

So now, where's this going?  Everyday, thanks to the internet I can view LOTS of people's businesses (or at least the part of their businesses that are on view) and I think some people are stuck doing the 'easy stuff'!  They are sowing small and reaping small and they think the universe isn't on their side but I would argue that THEY AREN'T ON THEIR OWN SIDE!  I think there is a misconception that people who get, do and achieve stuff have it easy, and don't face challenges such as fear, doubt and worry as they go about their day.  WRONG!  The skill that these people have is to ACT IN SPITE OF FEAR!  Over and over and over again....eventually this 'brave muscle (Part 1)' is strengthened and it takes a greater level of stimulus to make you scared.  You also become more instinctive and start trusting your gut and therefore can make a call/decision on most situations on sight.  No more worrying, wondering, asking other just consult your gut and are happy that what's yours....will be yours and what doesn't happen was just not meant to be.

arguing with reality

Cultivating a deep respect and acceptance for REALITY - IT IS WHAT IT IS and refraining from arguing with reality will also take a massive weight off your shoulders because after you've made a decision you just say to yourself...."I made the best decision based on the information I have at this moment" and then you just put that to one side.  No anticipating disaster.....however the thing turns turns out and you're ok with that.

let go or be dragged


So, I want to pose a question......."are you stuck doing the easy stuff?" dreaming of amazing results without taking the risks, chances and facing the possibility of failure?? For me there are just so many basics that many 'business owners' need to pay attention to the stuff that isn't sexy, that may challenge on a technological level or a 'getting out there' level but...........when you've done it..........YOUR BUSINESS and what you feel about your business will BE TRANSFORMED.  Below is a ticklist of the BASICS that I sincerely feel that EVERYONE who wants to do something amazing needs to nail if they are ready to stop 'playing small' and begin the business of TRANSFORMING THEIR BUSINESS into something amazing!

1.  Having a beyond 'functional' website....indeed, having a fabulous website.

2.  Consistent list-building and data capture.

3.  Regular engagement with your current, old and potential customers via your newsletter, email, social media, events......

4.  Having a TRUE PLAN for your business.....where are you going?   Where do you want to be?  Who are you serving?

5.  Collecting client testimonials and promoting them on your wonderful website!

6.  Having lots of visuals and film on your website.

7.  Having film or at least pictures of YOU on your website, communicating to your current and potential customers.

8.  Dedicating yourself to on-going education.

9.  Creating a SOLID PRODUCT or products that truly SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10.  Up-levelling your service and then your prices to match.  When you work harder and get yourself educated, guess what?  You KNOW you deserve more and your fear of charging starts to dissipate.

11.  Getting rid of PAYG and ensuring you have amazing cash-flow by automating block payments.  There are two key phrases imprinted on my brain - 'It's not a business unless is makes profit' and 'cashflow is KING!'

small business

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