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Awesome Ways To Release Post Natal QL’s (Videos)


If you're working with the Post Natal client and she's stuck in an anterior tilt, check/palpate for hypertoned QL's as they could quite possibly be holding her in this position.  Why is this a problem?

Pelvis Diagram-01


Well, basically, in this position, the abdominal wall stays in a lengthened position - no good if you are trying to heal Diastasis and secondly, load is then transferred through the Pelvic Floor non-optimally and can lead to PF dsyfunctions such as stress urinary incontinence as well as the Pelvic Floor muscles being in a poor position to offer great support to the organs of the pelvic basin and support low levels of prolapse.



So here's a few strategies I use and that are featured in the brand new Female 4R education - Fascial, Functional, Fitness For Females.......which launched on 30th August, 2014 and also another video via Core Walking, a site I love....happy releasing!  Female 4R is perfect for any fitness or wellness professional  who has at any time struggled to release your female clients from minor soft tissue niggles and would dearly love to help those women move and feel a whole lot better and get so much more out of their exercise sessions with you.


NB:If the client is still healing Diastasis, take the hand higher up the wall for the 'Push/Pull' move and no prone positions that load the ab wall also so give the 'Tail Wagging' and the prone exercise in the video below move a miss.  'Stop and Wave' is great.

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