Barre, Bone and Balance Strong®

In partnership with the amazing Eliza Nearn, we present Barre, Bone and Balance Strong!  We're BEYOND EXCITED to launch this brand new education, as always dedicated to bringing the science of Women's Wellness to life in a way that helps you serve your client with 'purpose-driven' and fun movement programming with a strong focus on the value of Barre exercise for the Midlife Woman and Beyond!

This education will help you create a 6 week progressed programme to offer your clients with a strong emphasis on not only life-enhancing movement but education about the 'Midlife Years' and the learning of new skills and techniques.

The Key Ingredients of 'Purpose Driven Midlife Movement'........

  • Improve/Maintain CV Health
  • Include Appropriate Impact for Bone Health
  • Include Integrated Core
  • Improve Foot, Ankle, Hip, Thoracic Mobility
  • Improve Lymphatic Drainage
  • Hit EPOC Markers
  • Hydrate Fascia
  • Maintain Fascial ‘Spring’
  • Improve Functional Posture
  • Improve Functional Posture
  • Challenge Balance
  • Encourage/Support Neuroplasticity
  • Increase Hypertrophy
  • Increase Movement Speed
  • Increase Movement Acuity
  • Increase Overall Mobility and Flexibility
  • Purpose Driven – About more than ‘fatloss and fitness’!
  • Non-exhausting
  • Respectful of 'Pelvic and Bone Health Status'

In this education, we've taken the standard Barre format and SUPERSIZED it to cover all the bases required to improve movement, mobility and recovery strategies that support a vibrant Midlife.  Barre for when your clients need much more than just a workout.

Complete with DONE-FOR-YOU 'client-level' educational information and a 6-week progressed programme via a post-course video library, we think this is a pretty complete offering for those of you who want to add a new offering to the women you serve.

This 2-Day LIVE CPD education is equally focused on developing your own personal skills as an Instructor, understanding the  power of this movement modality and creating effective, PROGRESSED programming that your clients will LOVE because they can see and feel great results!

Launch Class Ladies (+ Little Joe) 😉 

This Education Comprises of 3 Elements to Gain Certification:

ONLINE PRE-LEARNING - The Fundamentals and Terminology of Barre + 'Get Fit To Teach' Conditioning Series

2-DAY LIVE EDUCATION - Fundamentals of Mid-Life Female Wellness + Teaching/Creating a Barre Offering

POST LIVE COURSE -  Video Assessment of Instructor Competence + Post Content Video and Theory Content + Exam

Course FAQ's

Pre-Requisites: Who is this Course For?
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How is this Workshop delivered? What kit do I need?
Will I be well supported on this education even though it is delivered partially on-line?
How much time do I need to put aside for study?
How Long Can I Access The Content?

Launch Course: Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October, 2018, Central London

Your Launch Price Investment…..

3 Payments @ £133/month for 3 months

6 Payments @ £67/month for 6 months

1 Payment @ £397 

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Your Tutor: Eliza Nearn

Eliza trained at professional ballet school, and her hand has never left the barre since. She went on to perform in the West End (including the Royal Opera House) as well as in film and TV. In her spare time, Eliza qualified as a fitness trainer with many specialities, including cardio rehabilitation, breast cancer rehabilitation, pre and post natal (with Burrell education), Pilates, Buggyfit, Barre, and even clown school! Eliza is thrilled to be at Brighton Women On Fire, and can't wait to present original choreography from Bone Barre Balance to this year's audience.

Your Tutor: Jenny Burrell

Jenny's HeadshotJenny Burrell is the Head of Burrell Education and with over 20 years dedicated to the fitness, soft-tissue therapy, nutrition of and wellness of the Pregnant, Post Natal and Peri-to-Post-Menopausal woman.  Jenny travels the globe as a highly sought after international presenter and is also the creator of Holistic Core Restore®, a ground breaking, integrated suite of Pelvic Health programmes designed for women at all life phases and leads a global group of 80+ Licensees that span the globe.  Burrell Education is dedicated to elevated the 'art and soul of serving women' to it's highest level.....#justaimforexcellent! You can find out more about Jenny, Burrell Education and Holistic Core Restore® here.