Breast Cancer Recovery Strategies with Michelle Lyons

Breast cancer treatments have advanced dramatically over the past decades and many more women are living longer after breast cancer treatment ends…which means they are dealing with the after effects of breast cancer treatments including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal
therapy. But…So many therapists are afraid to work with the thousands of women who have gone through treatment because they don’t understand what breast cancer treatment involves, the short, medium and long-term effects of treatment, safety issues, lymphatic function…and so much more.
The goals of this course are to provide clarity about helping women live WELL after breast cancer treatment ends – to safely and effectively use manual therapies, exercise prescription and practical lifestyle advice to elevate quality of life, to help put women back in their bodies and to help them
THRIVE (not just survive!)

Course Contents

  • Breast Cancer Treatments: what are the implications of surgery, chemo, radiation and hormonal therapies?
  • Pelvic Health and Cancer Treatment: Implications for bladder, bowel, sexual, bone, brain and heart health.
  • Understanding the soft tissue implication for Breast Cancer survivors.
  • Safety issues when working with cancer survivors and how to create a referral pathway within your business.
    An overview of the Lymphatic System and soft tissue and movement strategies to safely optimize the Lymphatic System.
  • Scar release techniques after breast surgery and breast reconstruction with a focus on breast tissue recovery and donor sites for reconstruction, including lower abdomen for TRAM and DIEP, lats for 'Lat Flaps' and hips/glutes for IGAP/SGAP.
  • Using tools to augment manual therapy: IAM, brushing, cupping and taping.
  • Integrating manual therapy with exercise prescription to optimise functional recovery.
  • Living well after cancer treatment ends – establishing evidence based self care strategies.

This education created and delivered by Michelle Lyons independently and as part of the Female Soft Tissue Therapy Academy serves to bridge the gap between the end of treatment and a return to a 'moving' and full life for survivors.

Course FAQ's

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Your Tutor:  Michelle Lyons


Michelle Lyons is a Global Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Educator based in Ireland that EVERYONE should know if they are working in the world of Women’s Wellness.  The term Women’s Health Physiotherapist although wonderful doesn’t actually cover even a 10th of Michelle’s scope of practice, knowledge and teaching which includes Female Cancers, Menopause, Bone Health, Herbalism, Pelvic Health, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness, Integrative Nutrition…..and the list goes on!  You can find out more about Michelle here.




This course will be showcased at the Launch of the Female Soft Tissue Therapy Academy
in London on 1st December 2018.