Breathe Better – Optimizing Respiration for Health, Vitality and Core Function

The ability to 'Breathe Better' is TRANSFORMATIONAL to both physiological and psychological wellbeing.  Every single cell in one's body is reliant on the efficient exchange of gases for optimal functionality and ultimately WE CAN change both our minds and bodies when we change how we breathe. As the tagline for the American Lung Association says: ‘If you can’t breathe, nothing else matters…’

Burrell Education is delighted to co-create once again with the formidable thought-leader on all things 'women's wellness' - Michelle Lyons to deliver an globally available online education for ANYONE AND EVERYONE who want to know why they should and how to optimize their breathing.

From the antatomy and physiology of oxygen transfer to dramatic effect on the nervous system.  From backpain and breathing to Pelvic Dysfunction.  From nasal irrigation to nostril breathing......this education is a deep exploration of one of our most vital functions and how we can do it excellently to support our deepest health.

We've used a 'blended learning' style which includes voice over Power Point Presentations and real-time instructional videos to ensure that the student has a cast iron reference point not only to learn from but also to refer back to over and over again.  Our goal is to truly elevate your skillset, powers of problem-solving and ability to improve the lives of your clients.

Course Contents

When diaphragmatic function is compromised, every system in the body can be affected – from foggy thinking and decreased stress management to back pain to bladder leakage, prolapse and constipation….essentially our capacity to move happily through the world can be challenged.
The good news is that we have a toolbox to help our clients breathe, move and live better!! If you understand where the diaphragm is, how it works (& who it works with) and how it can be impaired…you’re halfway there. The other half of the journey is having a toolbox of manual therapy strategies, corrective exercise prescriptions and a plan for integrating good diaphragmatic functionality, initially with the pelvic floor and abdominals and ultimately with the whole body.

Module 1

  • Anatomy, form and function of the Diaphragm and accessory respiratory muscles including the Psoas, QL and Abdominal Wall
  • Respiration, stability, digestion, pelvic/continence, emotional/autonomic and lymphatic
  • The influence of the Thoracic Spine on respiration
  • Assessment of the Thoracic Spine and Diaphragmatic Excursion
  • Outcome Measures: Nijmegen and SEBQ

Module 2

  • The Dysfunctional Diaphragm - the effects of Pregnancy, Post Natal, C-Section, Abdominal Surgery, Asthma, POP, Constipation, Stress and Back Pain - how they all cause dysfunctions and how the dysfunction becomes self perpetuating

Module 3

  • Strategies to break the cycle - manual therapy for ribcage, Diaphragm/External Abdominal Wall, QL, Psoas, Iliacus, Scalenes
  • Ball Work - Yoga Ball sequence for T-Spine, Diaphragm, QL and Psoas
  • Exercise Prescription - Dynamic Stability movement strategies

Module 4

  • The Central Core - The Role of the Diaphragm in Lumbopelvic Stability
  • Massery Soda Can Model
  • Breathing, Bladder, Blowels and Back Pain - Hodges and Smit Research
  • Body Scan, Mindful Breathing - Breathing/Mindfulness/Chronic Pain Research
  • Susan Clinton Video Interview - Breathing and the Alarm System

Module 5

  • Assessment of Faulty Breathing Patterns - A Done-For-You Step By Step Approach - Strategies for the Soft Tissue Therapists and Non-Manual Therapists/Movement Professionals

Module 6

  • Faulty Breathing Pattern 'Correctives' - Strategies for the Soft Tissue Therapists and Non-Manual Therapists/Movement Professionals

Module 7

  • The 'Soul' of Breathing - A Heart-Centred Perspective
  • The Vagus Nerve, 'Soul Disconnection' and Interoception

 Course FAQ's

Pre-Requisites: Who is this Course For?

  • ANY Certified and Insured Health Professional with an advanced understanding the mechanics of breathing well and how to create transformational changes for their clients.
  • Yoga Professionals
  • Pilates Professionals
  • Strength Coaches
  • Massage Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Women's Health Educators
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Your Tutor:  Michelle Lyons


Michelle Lyons is a Global Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Educator based in Ireland that EVERYONE should know if they are working in the world of Women’s Wellness.  The term Women’s Health Physiotherapist although wonderful doesn’t actually cover even a 10th of Michelle’s scope of practice, knowledge and teaching which includes Female Cancers, Menopause, Bone Health, Herbalism, Pelvic Health, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness, Integrative Nutrition…..and the list goes on.  Her knowledge base is both extremely wide and deep and her contribution to this online, quite simply elevates it to being ESSENTIAL INFORMATION FOR THE LIFE OF EVERY HUMAN WE SERVE!  You can find out more about Michelle here.


 Your Tutor: Jenny Burrell

Jenny's HeadshotJenny Burrell is the Head of Burrell Education and with over 20 years dedicated to the fitness, soft-tissue therapy, nutrition of and wellness of the Pregnant, Post Natal and Peri-to-Post-Menopausal woman.  Jenny travels the globe as a highly sought after international presenter and is also the creator of Holistic Core Restore®, a ground breaking, integrated suite of Pelvic Health programmes designed for women at all life phases and leads a global group of 80+ Licensees that span the globe.  Burrell Education is dedicated to elevated the 'art and soul of serving women' to it's highest level.....#justaimforexcellent! You can find out more about Jenny, Burrell Education and Holistic Core Restore® here.



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It is ACCESS ANYTIME which means once you purchase you get access to all the Modules and Content and the Facebook Support Group hosted by Jenny Burrell, Michelle Lyons and the rest of the Burrell Education Team immediately and you complete the contents and exam in your own time.

There are two versions of this course; please ensure that you book the correct version for your certifications.

VERSION 1: For Certified Soft Tissue Therapists ONLY

Please do not purchase this version of this education is you are not certified or Insured as a Soft Tissue Therapist or Physiotherapist

VERSION 2: For Non-Soft Tissue Therapists

Suitable for Fitness and Other Movement Professionals