Burrell Education Living List – Post Natal Books, Influencers + Resources – Aug ’16 Update


After nearly 20 years serving the Post Natal woman in fitness/wellness both as the do-er, the student and the educator, I've gotten through a LOT of books and courses (above is just one of many bookcases in my office and throughout my house - Amazon LOVES ME!) and it was only because I had to move house that I suddenly had to a) do an inventory and b) looked at some goodies that I didn't even remember I had!  I then thought, wouldn't it be a good idea to save you the bother of buying naff books by listing all the great ones (well the ones I think are great) and then all of my go-to resources all in one place to save you the bother of hunting around the inter-web for good information and people sharing great work....so in a bid to organize my 'top tips', here's the first of a series of 'living lists' where I'll put all of my best picks in one place and then add to it.....I guess, forever.  We'll start with Post Natal and then we'll move onto Pregnancy, Menopause, Soft Tissue Therapy and all the other areas of women's wellness that I love....so here we go!

Books + Influencers

pelvic health and Childbirth

Pelvic Health and Childbirth by Magnus Murphy

This book is actually quite old but one I've used for some time and keep going back to over and over again.  I love the writing style and the way the facts are presented in an empathetic manner.  I think it is pretty much 'what every woman needs to know' and it's also written at a non-professional level so ANY woman would find it useful.  Dr. Murphy also has another book on C-Section, if you're working with Post Natal women this is a great purchase.

anatomy trains

Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers

Basically, without this book, I would have no business, no personal health and no framework or map on which to pin my what I do on a daily basis in my business, I really wouldn't.  I love Thomas Myers!  The myofascial meridians that he describes and also his narrative on the body, movement and life in general truly resonates with me.  He's also a really nice man who is massively knowledgable and still has a right-sized ego!  An amazing thing LOL.  I recommend it to everyone....if you work with Post Natal bodies, you need to have it, any version....they are all great.

yoga anatomy

Yoga Anatomy by Lesley Kaminoff + Amy Matthews

Some anatomy books are soooooo dry!  Not this one, as it focuses on what the muscle groups, fascia and fascial lines are doing during movement....what a thought 🙂 and it's also just beautiful to look at....bonus!  And while we're on the subject of non-boring Yoga anatomy books...Ray Long's books are sublime.

eric franklin

Any Book  Or Course By Eric Franklin

I have no idea at all why this man is on my radar, as I don't do Pilates and I've never studied dance but EVERYTHING he does from his books to his webinars to his online courses are just divine.  I've bought lots and I'll continue to buy as he produces and maybe even one day treat myself to go and do a live class in New York! '#bucketlist.  His work has been a major influence on my work with Post Natal women.

pelvic floor secrets

Pelvic Floor Secrets by Jenny Russell

Jenny Russell is one of the leaders in the UK movement for 'modernizing' and aligning integrated movement with Pelvic Floor exercise.   This book is so beautiful, full of easy to access to information and one that I recommend to clients because it's written in such a clear and informative way.

physiolology in childbearing

Physiology in the Childbearing by Stables and Rankin

Warning: this book is one of the main textbooks for student Midwives so it's heavy on the fact....because that's what it's meant for :-)....Awesome if you are blogging/writing a presentation and need your facts RIGHT!  I love it as an educator but also because it's REALLY interesting too.  Get a second hand copy tho...it's a bit pricey.


Diane Lee - Website + Live and On-Line Study

If you read my blogs, I know I don't have to introduce Diane Lee.  I feel that nobody can touch her in the field of reasearch into and hands-on experience with Diastasis Recti.  Her website is super generous and filled with awesome information via blogs and films of her conference presentations.  If you are working with the Post Natal population, Diane's work is your go-to resource for DRA....in my humble opinion - as my mom used to say 'you go to the head of the fountain for clean water' ;-)....and there is a LOT of muddy water out there!

Sue Crofts Books

Sue Croft - Pelvic Floor Recovery Books and Blog

If you are working with Women of ANY age and they have a Pelvic Floor - err, that's ALL OF THEM!  You MUST (and I mean it) purchase these two books for yourself and then direct your clients to get them too!  They are ESSENTIAL, ESSENTIAL, ESSENTIAL and so are Sue's blogs and output in general.  Sue is a Women's Health Physiotherapist and educator OF NOTE based in Brisbane, Australia and basically what she doesn't know about continence and 'down-there' business you could write on a postage stamp.  Don't say I didn't tell you to get these books!  Excellent for Post Natal, Pregnancy and Post Gynae Surgery.

lady bits

Lady Bits by Dr. Brianne Grogan

I love Brianne....she is whip smart with a big heart and just joyous to be around...ALWAYS BRINGING THE LIGHT and energy and creating information that is truly engaging, thought provoking and easy to digest for all levels of professionals and the layperson alike.  I love this book.....it's about 'what it says on the tin' but delivered in such a womanly and soulful way that it will be a book that you just keep going back to.  It's been on my nightstand reading pile since publication.

baby bod

Baby Bod - Marianne Ryan

I love Marianne's book, it's great for exercise, great for theory, great for practical application.....it's also great for a professional and the average mom. I think it's one that you'll keep coming back to simply because it's so 'holistic' and covers the full circle of Post Natal which obviously includes Pregnancy.


Reviving Sex Life After Childbirth - Kathe Wallace

This is another tiny but powerful book, full of vital info on a very tricky subject.  Kathe Wallace, a renowed Women's Health Physiotherapist and educator has delivered awesome, actionable information that will shine the light on a subject that we CANNOT afford to bury our heads in the sand about.

optimal nutrition

Optimum Nutrition Before During and After Pregnancy by Patrick Holford + Susannah Lawson

Does what it says on the tin!  As always with any Patrick Holford book, the science is deep, everything is well researched and 'safe'....if you're looking to deeper still and include some education on the Pre-Conception Nutrition and truly look through a female lens, you might want to check out the certification I created with Jessica Drummond of the Integrative Women's Health Institute on Post Natal Nutrition.

chronic pain

Chronic Pelvic Pain + Dysfunction by Leon Chaitow + Ruth Lovegrove

It's big, it's deep and it's science but it's Leon Chaitow and so the brainwork will always be worth it.  Anything he has written or contributed to is awesome.  He is a bodywork hero to many and when you read this book or any of his many others, you'll get it.  If you are a bodyworker/soft tissue therapist, try to see him live....you will ADORE it.

heal pelvic painAmy Stein DVD

Heal Pelvic Pain - Amy Stein

This was my first ever 'pelvic pain' book and still my 'go-to'.  Amy makes a complexed very simple and gives clear direction on the why's and how's of pelvic pain and simple solutions for both the professional and the lay person.  This book also involves 'movement-based' exercise for the Pelvic Floor/Core which of course I love :-).  And....if you'd prefer to 'watch' your education as opposed to read, Amy also has a great DVD also.

ending female pain

Ending Female Pain - Isa Herrera

Isa is one of my favourite 'female health' writers....beautiful books full of wonderful photo's and she is HOLISTIC, yes, all in capital letters.  When some people pay lip service to integrative treatment/programming/therapy for women but still back-slide to their old 2-D dogma....Isa walks the talk in her texts and in her thriving practise in New York.  She truly walks the talk and it's ALL ABOUT THE FEMALE EXPERIENCE which is why we're all in this game isn't it?  She has other books too which I'll add to other lists but basically, they are all fab and personally, I have them all 🙂

the science of mom

The Science of Mom by Dr. Alice Callahan

I love science, I love anecdotal, I love story-telling and I love 'experiential'....this book has it all and I feel is one of the most useful books I've ever read on the science of being a mom and what's going on in the life and body of your baby during it's first year.  It's 100% one of those books that you will keep returning to over and over again and it's also been on my nightstand since I bought it.  Alice also has a very active and informative Facebook Page too.

 mind of your own

A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan MD

The stats on Post Natal depression and associated medicating of moms/women is pretty scary.  If you're already serving the Post Natal client, you are already aware of the hormonally induced emotional states that your clients present in and for sure, it's just so important for us all to have a handle on the what's, how's and why's of depression and the strategies employed to alleviate it.  A deep and utterly thought-provoking read by Kelly Brogan and of course her website is just FULL of VITAL INFORMATION on all things psych and women's health.

the first 40 days

 The First 40 Days by Heng Ou

The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother -  The importance of deeply supporting the healing process in the Post Natal period is often seen as an after-thought in this 'newborn focused period'.  Personally, I feel the health of the mother is the biggest priority simply because she just can't serve the newborn from an empty vessel (to paraphrase).  Movement, rest, hydration and deep nutrition can make the difference between an 'ok' recovery versus a 'strong' recovery.  I think this book, written from an Eastern perspective will be an eye opener to both professionals and the average mom alike......as always, it's an inside-out job!

IMG_8196 the pelvic floor by beattie

The Pelvic Floor by Beate Carriere + Cynthia Markel Feldt

I love science and I love asking WHY?, my pet hate is to see someone just 'show' an exercise (in an educational scenario) without saying WHY it's useful and what's going on!!!!!!!!!  If you love WHY too, you'll love this book.  FOUNDATION PELVIC FLOOR INFORMATION where you can learn cool things like this.......the pic below shows the activation of the ab wall muscles according to pelvic position in concert with a light activation of the Pelvic Floor muscles....TVA has the highest activation when the pelvis is in a neutral position and the anterior and posterior positions really fire up the Internal and External Obliques and 'take out' the TVA....so, as I said....you have a clear explanation/demonstration of WHY neutral position - ribs stacked over pelvis is so important if you want TVA perform its synergistic role alongside the PF muscles as opposed to just repeating what you learned on a course....even mine 😉

 pev001Interactive Pelvis ACOG - Short Video Presentations on the Different Types of Prolapse and Pessaries - Does what it says on the tin.  An ESSENTIAL!!
fat around the middle

Fat Around the Middle - Madeline Glenville

Lots of our Post Natal clients have a problem with 'fat around the middle'.  The PN period is a challenging one for fat loss for some clients because of sleep-deprivation and elevated levels of stress hormones alongside a dependence on stimulants such as caffeine and sugar so..........it's a pretty good idea for the professional to be up to speed on the 'Big Rocks' of the why's and the range of solutions for 'de-fatting' ;-).....a good, simple read suitable for both professionals and the layperson.

pelvic partnership

The Pelvic Partnership

The ESSENTIAL resource if you or your clients have SIJ issues or Pelvic Girdle Pain.  Full of further resources, a list of people that may be able to help you and all round good information made simple.

On-Line Courses, Resources, Blogs + FB Pages

Web Resources for the Major Obs & Gynaecology Bodies of the World

In an age of Dr.Google, these are the most sound resources for up-to-date, easy to understand clinical guidelines and downloadable information for both the professional and the lay person.  Always ensure you seek information from the most credible, clinician and evidence-based sources when you need clarity and factual information on natal issues.

  • Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) - UK: https://www.rcog.org.uk/
  • American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG): http://www.acog.org/
  • The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (RANZCOG): http://www.ranzcog.edu.au/
  • Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Canada (SOGC): http://sogc.org/
  • jessica drummondJessica Drummond - Any Course from the Integrative Women's Health Institute - they are just the best, deepest and most thorough education dedicated to women's health out there and you can study on-line wherever you are in the world so everything can be done at your own pace and you have access to both the content and the Facebook Community Group forever.  IWHI is my GO-TO educator (I'm a graduate of several educations) for ANYTHING Women's Health and Nutrition.  Jessica's blogs and her webinars are awesome too.
  • Shelley Prosko - Vimeo On Demand - Creating Pelvic Floor Health
    shelly prosko vimeoOoooh I love this!  It was filmed in the most divine locations and everything is ON POINT!  It's a Pelvic Floor Exercise and Relaxation programme but NOT AS YOU KNOW IT.....through the eyes and heart of a Yogini who is also a clinician and I feel it's an example of what can be created when we really start creating with a true depth of self-awareness of the women we intend to serve.  THIS is for women!  THIS is how they want to be treated and be taught.  It's also sooooo easy to access via Vimeo on Demand and excellent value.
  • APOPS - Association of Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support - Founded by Sherry Palm
    The go-to resource for EVERYTHING Pelvic Organ Prolapse and they also have a Facebook Support Group too.
  • Science of Mom FB Page + Blog
  • Sara Wickham - FB Page + Blog
    Sarah Wickham is a Midwife and global educator who's output mainly focuses on Pregnancy and birthing which of course is part of the Post Natal story.  Sciency with soul and she is very, very smart....you might have to read things twice LOL, but so worth the effort.  A really wonderful writer to have in your feed.
  • Michelle Lyons -  Celebrate Muliebrity
    Michelle LyonsEveryday I take Co-Enzyme Q10 and all manner of brain support supplements in the hope that one day, just one day I will be even 70% as smart as Michelle Lyons.  Although her official CV will list her as a Women's Health Physiotherapist and Global Educator, that description isn't really all she is....from cancer rehab to herbal poultices, from aromatherapy to the Female Athlete, from the Menopause and Hysterectomy to heart and bone health....if it's worth knowing....it's between her ears and recalled with astounding clarity and speed at the drop of a hat.  She is THE Women's Health and Wellbeing Maven and I'm glad to call her a friend, colleague and mentor....and I know a lot of others are too.  Read her blog, join her FB Group and follow her....she's also a bloody good laugh with a wicked sense of humour so things will NEVER be dull around her either!
  • Anatomy Trains - DVD's + Online Courses (BUT.....be aware that some of the downloads must be viewed within a certain timeframe before you lose access!!!  Annoying but the content is great of course.

Tools of the Trade

EVB Shorts
Support for your core in your recovery phase (post C-Section/Diastasis/Gynae Surgeries) and also for your core and Pelvic Floor on your return to sport and exercise in the Post Natal period.  Gotta love a high waist band and support, support, support.  Yvonne Brady is the creator of these shorts and here at Burrell Ed HQ, we love them!  Tried and test and I'm not an affiliate just love a great product that's awesomely made and utterly useful and of course created by a woman for women....what's not to love?

ebv shorts


IAM Tools

The only Instrument Assisted Tool I use, the one below is polycarbonate which I find a better choice when working on issues such as C-Section scars.  I'd be lost without my tool and I use it EVERY SINGLE BODYWORK SESSION without fail.  I love Malcom, the creator of the tool and his 'cottage industry-gone global'.  A humble and hardworking guy creating an amazing product that will save your hands, speed up your work and improve your results with your Post Natal C-Section and Diastasis clients no end.  Somewhere on his site you can find a link that will give you 10% off if you say you know me....I'd use if I were you 🙂

polycarb iam tool


Anatomy Trains Poster Set
Love these!  A2 size glossy posters of Thomas Myers Myofascial Meridians.  Not expensive, and totally one of those things you can add to your 'buy me these for Christmas' list.  Fab for easy reference and revising/learning the lines......

anatomy trains posters


Oh no! And now I've finished there's just sooooo much more I could add, so I will :-), til then if you want to experience what all that reading has created and you're working with the Post Natal woman ANYWHERE on the planet....you'll love this certification.....

on line

Advanced CPD in Modern Post Natal Assessment, Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming – ON-LINE/GLOBAL CERTIFICATION


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