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How to Plan Your Stellar 2018 - 2 Hour Video Recording and PDF Download Workbook
+ Bonus Recording of 'Authenticity at Work' - Price: £27

What We Work on in This Webinar/Workshop

1. How to identify your 'state of flow' and where your time/energy drains are.
2. How to perform a 'time audit' on your current work/life habits.
3. How to plan your DREAM working week.
5. How to set your top 5 Goals for 2018 and identify and remove your 'limiting factors'.
6. How to plan your PRODUCT LADDER.
7. Learn the ONLY 3 ways to increase your annual income.
8. Learn how to earn more without doing MORE WORK!!
9. Learn how to plan and automate your Social Media Output.
10. Learn how to plan your offerings and marketing for the WHOLE YEAR AHEAD to improve your clarity and results when marketing.
11. Learn how to 'whiteboard' yourself to SUPER EFFICIENCY!
12. Learn how to have fun at work and make WORK, WORK FOR YOU!

Feedback from Joanne G about 'How to Plan a Stellar 2018'

"Huge note of gratitude for the How to Plan a Stellar 2018 project, Jenny! After working through my own personal Core Values and Life Intention, my version of 2018 has been realigned with these key statements. I'm hugely grateful and would encourage others who haven't enjoyed the programme or have got stuck en route to complete the homework and then Make It Real!!!"