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BE TV Episode 3: Glute Work That Actually Works! (Adaptations for the Ante/Post Natal Client)

Burrell Education TV Episode 3 As I’m not the biggest fan of floor-based work for the Ante/Post Natal population and that includes the humble Clamshell ;-), I’ve been very interested in lots of great blogs flying about the internet dedicated to which ‘glute’ strength exercises actually give the best bang for buck, muscle fibre recruitment […]

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BE TV Episode 2 – Pelvic Floor + Core Friendly Alternatives to Ballistic Movements + Why!

Welcome to Epsisode 2 of  Burrell Education TV,  where today we’re talking Pelvic Floor, Diastasis, Prolapse and PRESSURE through the core!! so without further a do….THIS! There’s just so much talk about “Diastasis / Pelvic Floor / Prolapse Safe” exercise when it comes to ‘core work’ and fitness/movement prescription in general but as professionals, many […]

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‘Exhale on Exertion’….Why We Need to Teach the Post Natal Client to ‘Lift For Life’

A super quick post but a SUPER ESSENTIAL PRINCIPLE for the Post Natal client…….’Exhale on Exertion’! If you’ve ever attended ANY Post Natal Burrell Education course you’ll have this imprinted on your brain so pardon me for the repetition and you can stop reading now.  If this sounds new to you and intriguing, let’s continue. […]

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BE TV Episode 4: Simple Relief Stategies For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Video)

Many women develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) during Pregnancy and find that it can linger well into the Post Natal period making the early months and even sometimes years of ‘momming’ a tough job.  At best, the symptoms of CTS are uncomfortable and at worse, they can be pretty debilitating.  CTS is caused by the […]

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