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Painful C-Section Scar, Diastasis and Adductor (Inner Thigh Muscle) Tension…A Fascinating Tale!

I saw a client recently regarding her Diastasis and painful C-Section scar and felt compelled to share this story with you with her kind permission.  As the title of the blog says, it’s about C-Section scar pain, Diastasis and randomly the Adductor muscles (inner thighs).  A perfect demonstration of how IT’S ALL CONNECTED.  And we […]

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West London FitPro’s! Come & Connect/Network With Us Next Week……

    The kids are back to school (yours and theirs!), moms are now back in their usual routine, this is the last quarter of the year….time to connect/network and make links with other professionals to create/update your ‘Little Black Book’ and referral network! If you’re based in West London and are working with Pre/Post […]

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Why Diastasis is About Much More Than The Rectus Muscles

Going to go a little deeper with this blog but in a hopefully concise way….Diastasis Recti, the gap caused by stretched tissues at the midline of the abdominals isn’t just about the Rectus Abdominis (your six-pack muscles) and is probably better described as a stretching, weakening, dysfunction of the entire anterior (front) and lateral (side) […]

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2 Great Integrated Core Strength Exercise for the Post Natal Client

I think it’s generally accepted that CRUNCHES are not a positive choice for ‘Core Restore’ for the Post Natal client if they are experiencing issues such as Diastasis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and moreover have a poor ability to truly withstand Pelvic/Core PRESSURE.  So while the client is healing, you need to think a little outside the box…really consider the components […]

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