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Brilliant Marketing For Massage Therapists

I know I neglect you massage and therapy guys!!!!!  So here’s a big tip, if you don’t know him already Eric Brown is to Massage Marketing what Bedros is to Fitness Marketing.  Eric Who??? Especially is you are in a niche such as Pregnancy and Post Natal, you really need to have an awesome prescence […]

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IFS Report 2012

Just a quick report about Burrell Education’s first outing to IFS in Blackpool! It was emotional!!! Knackering, exhilerating, ground-breaking, inspiring AND VERY DIFFERENT!  I have never seen participants soooooo excited and enthusiastic.  People were literally dripping with sweat and still running in to start another session, hilarious and inspiring!  The energy was massive, right until […]

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21st Century Post Natal Exercise Programming – Part 1

What do women want on their return to exercise after having their babies? Fatloss? Energy? A better looking  & functioning belly? A non-leaky pelvic floor? Rest? With over a decade of experience working with this client population, the tools and strategies to tackle all of these areas have never been more effective, plentiful and easy […]

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You And Your Habits – An Exerpt From A Great Book

  A good one for those of us with clients who find it difficult to imagine changing their lives for the better – FOREVER! A wise teacher was taking a stroll through the forest with a young pupil and stopped before a tiny tree. “Pull up that sapling,” the teacher instructed his pupil, pointing to […]

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Into Women’s Fitness & Wellbeing? Read These Books!

  1. Fat Around the Middle – Marilyn Glenville – easy to read and understand. Great for clients who really need to get the message that STRESS is making and keeping them fat! 2.  The Female Body Breakthrough – Rachel Cosgrove – a kick ass text, she tells it how it is and shows you […]

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2 REALLY EASY Social Media Books and More

PS., I’m reblogging this post as I am fairly pleased with myself 🙂 My intention at the beginning of the year was to blog and read more…I’ve published 40 blogs so far so feel like I’ve been successful at establishing a habit.  Actually it does get easier once you get into a groove.  I remember […]

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Supersize Your ‘Can Do’ Mindset With These Awesome Texts!

  1.  Gary Zukav – The Seat of the Soul – Deep, deep, deep – like a spiritual punch in the head.  Mr. Zukav will rock your tiny world.  Tough spirtual love but on the money every time. 2.  Steering by Starlight – Martha Beck – stuck in a rut? Get quiet! Simple!  :-)) Then […]

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The 21st Century ‘Eat Well’ Plate!

By Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), Founder of Burrell Education, Leading-Edge Pregnancy, Post Natal and Female-Centric Fitness & Therapy, London, UK. The NO-DIET FAT LOSS 10 COMMANDMENTS 1.        INSULIN IS ONE OF OUR MASTER HORMONES IN TERMS OF FAT LOSS  – TO PREVENT FAT BEING STORED WE NEED TO GOOD CONTROL OVER IT.  For most people […]

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2 Great Integrated Core Strength Exercise for the Post Natal Client

I think it’s generally accepted that CRUNCHES are not a positive choice for ‘Core Restore’ for the Post Natal client if they are experiencing issues such as Diastasis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and moreover have a poor ability to truly withstand Pelvic/Core PRESSURE.  So while the client is healing, you need to think a little outside the box…really consider the components […]

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……….What, no Kegels to Strengthen Pelvic Floor?????? OMG!

OK, the gig is finally up on ONLY performing Kegels to re-activate and  re-condition the Pelvic Floor!  Don’t get me wrong, after giving birth when the musculature, nerve and blood supply, fascia and ligaments of the Pelvic Floor and Pelvic Basin have undergone significant trauma or at the very least, have been stretched by carrying […]

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