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A Day Of Easy ‘Post Natal Nutrition’ and Why?

When it comes to Post Natal Nutrition, sometimes it can feel like very much a challenge to convince ‘baby-weight’ conscious new moms of the power and worth of moving their focus to ‘Healing’ Post Natal Nutrition’ as opposed to ‘Fat Loss Dieting’.  For years we have all been indoctrinated as to the evils of fat consumption, the virtues of calorie-counting the merit […]

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5 SIMPLE but HUGE ‘Hormones Happy’ Life-Style Hacks

Being ‘Hormones Happy’ in our modern environments can be an absolute challenge but I’m a firm believer in DOING WHAT YOU CAN in all adverse situations and so presenting 5 SIMPLE but actually HUGE steps you can take to redress the imbalance caused by modern living……whether you’re serving Post Natal women trying to lose ‘baby […]

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Brianne Grogan Interview – Author of ‘Lady Bits’

  Oooooh another fabulous interview for you with one of the MOST heart-centered professionals working in the field of Women’s Wellness that I know and have had the pleasure of spending time with.  Dr. Brianne Grogan is the author of ‘Lady Bits’…….the tag line is ‘understand your body, elevate your health and reclaim your spark […]

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Adding Resistant Starch To Your Diet For Better Gut Health

Are you adding Resistant Starch to your diet yet?  Here’s why it might be a great addition to your ‘clean eating’ strategy to improve your metabolism and gut health……. As you might have guessed, not all starchy carbohydrates are created equal and although one of the major thoughts at the moment is to cut out […]

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Your Ultimate Post Natal Return-to-Exercise Pre-Screen Checklist

I’m EXCITED!  I’m excited because I’ve just completed the biggest, hardest, bad-assed chunk of my book.  EXHALE.  I’m excited because I can quite literally feel the earth moving underneath the world of Women’s Fitness and Wellness especially in the field of holistic programming for the Pregnant, Post Natal and Peri-Post Menopause woman and I’m excited […]

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How to Make Almond Milk & Dodge the Cows Milk Nasties!

If you have any kind hormonal bother, if you’re  Peri-menopausal, menopausal or post menopausal,  if you’re trying to balance your Post Natal hormones……this one is for you! I’m not a fanatic but at this point in my journey to hormonal health I KNOW that drinking mass produced cow’s milk is just a NO NO for […]

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Diastasis Mom – When Can I Work My Obliques Again?

Regarding the title above…..this is probably one of the commonest questions asked by FitPro’s working with Post Baby clients with a healing Diastasis…. So, the best place to start is with the Anatomy and Physiology bit……don’t groan…..knowledge is power 🙂 The above picture is brilliant for showing the other Aponeuroses (sheets of tendon – the […]

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West London FitPro’s! Come & Connect/Network With Us Next Week……

    The kids are back to school (yours and theirs!), moms are now back in their usual routine, this is the last quarter of the year….time to connect/network and make links with other professionals to create/update your ‘Little Black Book’ and referral network! If you’re based in West London and are working with Pre/Post […]

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4 Great Books For Those Working With Pregnant Clients

Buy used on Amazon for only £6!  My copy is totally dog-eared and has served me well. Does what it says on the tin.  Lots of pics and vital explanations and medical lingo. You can order this HERE – copies are virtually free but nice people leave a donation for this very important charity 🙂 Buy used […]

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