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Why Moms Are Athletes…………

……..and why we truly need to train them functionally for their demanding job!  Moms are pushing pulling, squatting, lunging, rotating, reaching, bending over and balancing weights of upwards of 15kg (think newborn at 4kg and car carry seat at 10+kg) for at least 12 hours a day, on very little rest, with sub-par core-strength………..I could […]

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How to Get Clients to Drink More Water and Reduce Their Toxic Load

I’m just back from Wholefoods on High St Kensington in London and managed to spend £60 in a heartbeat!  The price of health hey, but the items I was buying are totally non-negotiables for me – organic/paraben free shampoo, moisturizer, deodorant and body wash and a couple of packets of Himalayan Mountain Salt and a […]

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Why Hanging Out In the Cardio Area Could Be Keeping Your Client Fat!

  If that little pink thing above is new to you and you’re working with tired women who need to lose fat…it’s time to up level your concept of ‘doing cardio’. Gymboss and the Post Baby client aren’t usually mentioned in the same breath.  That sweet little pink timer above is usually associated with ball-busting […]

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21st Century Post Natal Exercise Programming – Part 1

What do women want on their return to exercise after having their babies? Fatloss? Energy? A better looking  & functioning belly? A non-leaky pelvic floor? Rest? With over a decade of experience working with this client population, the tools and strategies to tackle all of these areas have never been more effective, plentiful and easy […]

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2 REALLY EASY Social Media Books and More

PS., I’m reblogging this post as I am fairly pleased with myself 🙂 My intention at the beginning of the year was to blog and read more…I’ve published 40 blogs so far so feel like I’ve been successful at establishing a habit.  Actually it does get easier once you get into a groove.  I remember […]

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