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Pregnancy Exercise – Great Moves For Integrated ‘Core’ Strength

  This information is intended for use by the Pregnancy Exercise specialist.  If you are a mom, please seek advice and guidance from a qualified professional.  If you are a qualified professional, the following exercises are suitable for the LOW RISK PREGNANCIES ONLY. 1.  Resistance Band Deadlifts – Deadlifts….. but not as you know them! […]

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Why Power Plate Works For the Post Baby Client

  As a fitness professional and educator with over a decade of experience providing fitness and therapy solutions for the Pregnant and Post Natal client and my peers, I think I can safely say that the world of fitness education and training principles for the Post Natal client has finally caught up the rest of […]

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Why A Pelvic Floor Restorative Programme MUST Include Integrated Movement

BIG NEWS! The pelvic floor musculature does not exist and function in isolation! So……when we consider restoring it’s function and strength,  especially after birthing, MOVEMENT (the right amount at the right time) has to be part of our exercise prescription.  Eventually our prescription for the PF needs to be INTEGRATED, WHOLE BODY AND CHALLENGE THE […]

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Why Moms Are Athletes…………

……..and why we truly need to train them functionally for their demanding job!  Moms are pushing pulling, squatting, lunging, rotating, reaching, bending over and balancing weights of upwards of 15kg (think newborn at 4kg and car carry seat at 10+kg) for at least 12 hours a day, on very little rest, with sub-par core-strength………..I could […]

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Why Hanging Out In the Cardio Area Could Be Keeping Your Client Fat!

  If that little pink thing above is new to you and you’re working with tired women who need to lose fat…it’s time to up level your concept of ‘doing cardio’. Gymboss and the Post Baby client aren’t usually mentioned in the same breath.  That sweet little pink timer above is usually associated with ball-busting […]

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IFS Report 2012

Just a quick report about Burrell Education’s first outing to IFS in Blackpool! It was emotional!!! Knackering, exhilerating, ground-breaking, inspiring AND VERY DIFFERENT!  I have never seen participants soooooo excited and enthusiastic.  People were literally dripping with sweat and still running in to start another session, hilarious and inspiring!  The energy was massive, right until […]

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21st Century Post Natal Exercise Programming – Part 1

What do women want on their return to exercise after having their babies? Fatloss? Energy? A better looking  & functioning belly? A non-leaky pelvic floor? Rest? With over a decade of experience working with this client population, the tools and strategies to tackle all of these areas have never been more effective, plentiful and easy […]

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Into Women’s Fitness & Wellbeing? Read These Books!

  1. Fat Around the Middle – Marilyn Glenville – easy to read and understand. Great for clients who really need to get the message that STRESS is making and keeping them fat! 2.  The Female Body Breakthrough – Rachel Cosgrove – a kick ass text, she tells it how it is and shows you […]

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