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Your Post Natal Client + Her Traumatic Birth Story…A Thought…..

Do you have Post Natal clients who have ‘less than positive’ birth stories, seem low in mood or actually depressed?  If yes, I think you’ll find this interview with the amazing Rachel Webber, a former Midwife who now runs a ‘Birth Story Listening’ service, extremely interesting.  In nearly 20 years of serving the Post Natal […]

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Brianne Grogan Interview – Author of ‘Lady Bits’

  Oooooh another fabulous interview for you with one of the MOST heart-centered professionals working in the field of Women’s Wellness that I know and have had the pleasure of spending time with.  Dr. Brianne Grogan is the author of ‘Lady Bits’…….the tag line is ‘understand your body, elevate your health and reclaim your spark […]

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Why You’re Charging Less Than You Want/Need To………………

    I’m writing a lot at the moment (book to finish, courses to launch) and so part of that process involves a lot of sitting and staring into space…..asking questions and simply waiting for the answer….always and eventually they come but this question keeps coming up time and time again, in my mailbox, via […]

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10 Ways To REALLY Rock Your 3rd Age – Powering up Your Peri-Menopause And Beyond!

Just for clarity…..the ‘3rd Age Woman’ is defined chronologically as 35/40+ (Peri-menopause and beyond), starting to feel the changes associated with an unbalanced endocrine system both on a physical and psychological level but she’s smart enought to see this life phase as an opportunity for a behaviour, attitude and lifestyle adjustment that will serve her […]

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Women’s Wellness Summit – Presenter Profiles – Lucy Rocca & Sarah Turner

  If you attended the Women’s Wellness Summit last year you will remember the heart-stopping monologue delivered by Lucy to close the event!  It was powerful, deep and honest and indeed she is one of the bravest women I know.  Lucy created, an online community that is barely a year old but going from […]

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West London FitPro’s! Come & Connect/Network With Us Next Week……

    The kids are back to school (yours and theirs!), moms are now back in their usual routine, this is the last quarter of the year….time to connect/network and make links with other professionals to create/update your ‘Little Black Book’ and referral network! If you’re based in West London and are working with Pre/Post […]

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Slightly Wierd & Wonderful Books I’m Reading At The Moment :-)

Not so weird actually as all are about movement……. First up, my hero Erik Franklin, read anything this man has written,  it’s all wonderful!  I swear I am a frustrated dancer :-).  Wonderful diagrams, visualizations and language that to me, really get to the heart of movement – ‘motion is lotion’ – physically and psychologically! […]

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