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BE TV Episode 2 – Pelvic Floor + Core Friendly Alternatives to Ballistic Movements + Why!

Welcome to Epsisode 2 of  Burrell Education TV,  where today we’re talking Pelvic Floor, Diastasis, Prolapse and PRESSURE through the core!! so without further a do….THIS! There’s just so much talk about “Diastasis / Pelvic Floor / Prolapse Safe” exercise when it comes to ‘core work’ and fitness/movement prescription in general but as professionals, many […]

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David Weinstock Interview – Neurokinetic Therapy, C-Section Scars, Incontinence and Diastasis Healing!

I LOVE bodywork, remedial therapy, massage and any soft tissue work that gets people out of discomfort and pain…..and gets people back to feeling awesome in their own skin.  Out of everything I have ever learned, my hands-on skills are my most prized possession.  I also LOVE anyone that can show me something that will […]

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Women’s Wellness Summit Presenter Profiles – Dr. Anu Arasu & Julie Bartlett

  At last year’s Women’s Wellness Summit, Dr. Anu Arasu, wowed us all with her succinct and finally easy to understand take on the Somatopausal to Post Menopause years in the female life span and will return again this year but with a twist! This year, Dr. Anu will present a real-person example of how […]

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Running When Your Pelvic Floor Isn’t Strong Enough?

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a early Post Natal client with a Diastasis (tummy gap), Pelvic Floor issues, back pain and who also experienced urinary incontinence on impact….who, towards the end of our first session together uttered one of  the top Post Natal fitness questions:  ‘So, how long before I can get […]

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West London FitPro’s! Come & Connect/Network With Us Next Week……

    The kids are back to school (yours and theirs!), moms are now back in their usual routine, this is the last quarter of the year….time to connect/network and make links with other professionals to create/update your ‘Little Black Book’ and referral network! If you’re based in West London and are working with Pre/Post […]

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Hysterectomy – The Basics

  If you’re serving women, this subject will eventually come up.  Here are the basics…. The Types of Hysterectomy – ie., What Is Removed   1.  Partial or Supracervical Hysterectomy – the upper part of the womb (uterus) is removed leaving the cervix intact. 2.  Complete or Total Hysterectomy – both the womb and cervix […]

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