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Burrell Education Living List – Post Natal Books, Influencers + Resources – Aug ’16 Update

After nearly 20 years serving the Post Natal woman in fitness/wellness both as the do-er, the student and the educator, I’ve gotten through a LOT of books and courses (above is just one of many bookcases in my office and throughout my house – Amazon LOVES ME!) and it was only because I had to […]

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21st Century Massage Marketing – All the Business Stuff That They Forgot To Teach You At Massage School!

In over a decade of practising Soft Tissue and Remedial Massage Therapies, the actual instruction that I’ve received on how to actually build a successful business and truly monetize my hard won skills has been extremely limited to say the least.   So, with the power of hind-sight and the world of possibilities open to […]

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David Weinstock Interview – Neurokinetic Therapy, C-Section Scars, Incontinence and Diastasis Healing!

I LOVE bodywork, remedial therapy, massage and any soft tissue work that gets people out of discomfort and pain…..and gets people back to feeling awesome in their own skin.  Out of everything I have ever learned, my hands-on skills are my most prized possession.  I also LOVE anyone that can show me something that will […]

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Massage + Soft Tissue Strategies For Deep Diastasis Healing

Are you considering the role of rib/intercostal-pain in relation to your Post Natal Diastasis clients?  Are your Diastasis clients also presented with mal-aligned rib-cages and/or rib flaring? I was reading a blog about strategies to alleviate rib pain during Pregnancy and thought about how little it’s discussed in reference to the Post Natal period and […]

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Flexibility Protocols During Pregnancy….Another Way!

Actually, the title should be Flexibility Protocols During Pregnancy and the Post Natal period…..another way! But that’s a bit long….:-) Full disclosure, I don’t like the term ‘stretching’… bores me….it feels so limited and such an underplay of the possibilities when aiming to mobilize, free and help our clients move well in their amazing bodies, […]

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10 Diastasis ‘Big Rocks’ and Why There’s No One-Size-Fit’s All Solution – Part 1 of 2

I recently watched an online discussion where a professional in the field of Women’s Wellness posted a question on ‘belly binding’ and post birth recovery from Diastasis Recti and by the time I stopped watching the feed….76 posts later!!!! guess what? Not ONE definitive answer regarding the SOLUTION but of course lots of great suggestions […]

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Awesome Ways To Release Post Natal QL’s (Videos)

If you’re working with the Post Natal client and she’s stuck in an anterior tilt, check/palpate for hypertoned QL’s as they could quite possibly be holding her in this position.  Why is this a problem?   Well, basically, in this position, the abdominal wall stays in a lengthened position – no good if you are trying to […]

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The Ante to Post Natal Client Life Cycle – Your Ultimate Business Template

So, I was teaching a workshop last week and drew the diagram above to illustrate a point regarding the Ante to Post Natal client.  It was received with a lot of ooooohsss and aaaaahhsss and suddenly I  had the thought that although the above diagram is TOTALLY apparent to me, it obviously was a light-bulb […]

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5 Wonderful Ways to Free the Piriformis – Video

  Here’s my Piriformis Freedom Challenge for you this week whilst working with your Pregnant and Post Natal clients………CHECK THEIR FEET!  Are they positioned as above? If they are, they may also have Piriformis pain and mobility restrictions.  The external rotation of the foot leads up to internal rotation of the femur.  The attachments for […]

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Diastasis, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Upper Crossed Syndrome – A Solution! (Video)

In the spirit of a ‘whole-body’ or holistic approach to Pelvic/Core Function…….a little thought re: Upper Crossed Syndrome and it’s role in Diastasis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and how you can help your clients get out of this typical posture/mis-alignment seen not only in the Pregnant and Post Natal client but in the general population […]

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