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The Success Equation for Ante and Post Natal Fitness Professionals

With 2014 fast approaching, many of our thoughts are turning to what next year will bring for our Ante and Post Natal Fitness businesses. Here’s my take on 4 elements that I really feel make up the SUCCESS EQUATION. Niche Down What You LOVE! If you read this blog, the chances are that you already […]

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Diastasis Mom – When Can I Work My Obliques Again?

Regarding the title above…..this is probably one of the commonest questions asked by FitPro’s working with Post Baby clients with a healing Diastasis…. So, the best place to start is with the Anatomy and Physiology bit……don’t groan…..knowledge is power 🙂 The above picture is brilliant for showing the other Aponeuroses (sheets of tendon – the […]

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Painful C-Section Scar, Diastasis and Adductor (Inner Thigh Muscle) Tension…A Fascinating Tale!

I saw a client recently regarding her Diastasis and painful C-Section scar and felt compelled to share this story with you with her kind permission.  As the title of the blog says, it’s about C-Section scar pain, Diastasis and randomly the Adductor muscles (inner thighs).  A perfect demonstration of how IT’S ALL CONNECTED.  And we […]

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West London FitPro’s! Come & Connect/Network With Us Next Week……

    The kids are back to school (yours and theirs!), moms are now back in their usual routine, this is the last quarter of the year….time to connect/network and make links with other professionals to create/update your ‘Little Black Book’ and referral network! If you’re based in West London and are working with Pre/Post […]

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‘DEEP’ Release of the Pelvis in Multiple Planes (Video)

‘Sitting is the new smoking’ apparently, so in terms of probably ALL of our clients and in particular our Post Natal clients (cleared to exercise) who probably never get much of a chance to sit but have to contend with a ‘forward-facing’ life full of pushing and pulling prams, talking to little people, breast-feeding  etc., […]

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Slightly Wierd & Wonderful Books I’m Reading At The Moment :-)

Not so weird actually as all are about movement……. First up, my hero Erik Franklin, read anything this man has written,  it’s all wonderful!  I swear I am a frustrated dancer :-).  Wonderful diagrams, visualizations and language that to me, really get to the heart of movement – ‘motion is lotion’ – physically and psychologically! […]

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Massaging Your C-Section Scar? Read This!

  If you’re working in the world of Pregnancy Massage and Post Natal Remedial Therapy or a mom who has experienced C-Section, you’ll find this interesting…… In a previous blog, I discussed the merits of  an ‘HOLISTIC Approach to C-Section Recovery’ which involved massaging both the scar and surrounding areas to avoid the build up […]

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An EXTRAORDINARY Pregnancy Massage Course Because….

We go further, deeper and wider to ensure you are equally skilled to help the often neglected Post Natal client too! If you’re already fully qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist or an aligned professional,  and you are looking for a new and highly appreciative client-base to serve, Pregnant and Post Natal women are possibly […]

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How to Protect Your Healing Core After Birth & Other Ops

I had a breakthrough yesterday with a client with a slow-healing C-Section wound and Diastasis, huge improvements in 3 weeks once her gym programme was re-written and a few important self-care/lifestyle strategies away from her weekly session (with me) had been established.  This is one of the fundamentals that I insisted she nailed…. It’s an […]

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