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Help for the ‘Overactive’ or ‘Too Tight’ Pelvic Floor (VIDEO)

In the world of Pelvic Floor fitness and retraining in the case of the simpler end of continence issues where a ‘strength’ programme is indicated, there sometimes isn’t an equal emphasis on balancing the work/hypertrophy with a down-training programming. Ultimately, we all know the body functions best when both local (core) and global muscle/myofascial length […]

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5 SIMPLE but HUGE ‘Hormones Happy’ Life-Style Hacks

Being ‘Hormones Happy’ in our modern environments can be an absolute challenge but I’m a firm believer in DOING WHAT YOU CAN in all adverse situations and so presenting 5 SIMPLE but actually HUGE steps you can take to redress the imbalance caused by modern living……whether you’re serving Post Natal women trying to lose ‘baby […]

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Adding Resistant Starch To Your Diet For Better Gut Health

Are you adding Resistant Starch to your diet yet?  Here’s why it might be a great addition to your ‘clean eating’ strategy to improve your metabolism and gut health……. As you might have guessed, not all starchy carbohydrates are created equal and although one of the major thoughts at the moment is to cut out […]

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Superstar Student! – Andrea Riddoch – 3rd Age Woman On-Line Global Certification

          Introducing Andrea Riddoch! – Abfabfitness & Kickstart Fatloss Leeds I chose Andrea as our Superstar Student this week because her presence in the ‘virtual classroom’ was always positive and really inquisitive and she truly walked the talk by implementing changes to her own wellness strategies as well as implementing new […]

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Why You’re Charging Less Than You Want/Need To………………

    I’m writing a lot at the moment (book to finish, courses to launch) and so part of that process involves a lot of sitting and staring into space…..asking questions and simply waiting for the answer….always and eventually they come but this question keeps coming up time and time again, in my mailbox, via […]

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