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Watch The Pelvic Floor Under Pressure!

Just a quick blog here, as it’s all in the watching.  Check out this great ultrasound demonstrating the effect of pressure against the Pelvic Floor.  You can see quite clearly what’s happening when the client coughs and also when she performs a traditional sit-up….great stuff from my colleague Michelle Wright in Melbourne ( The Pelvic […]

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How Freeing Your Feet & Your Forehead Might Fix Your Pelvic Floor!

  Regarding the title, I’m referring to muscles, fascia and other connective tissue and their interconnectedness.  And the ability of dysfunction in one area to impact significantly to cause dysfunction elsewhere in the ‘chain’. If we consider the Superficial Backline (SBL) as described by Thomas Myers in his text ‘Anatomy Trains’, the SBL runs as […]

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Why MOST MOVEMENT is ‘Pelvic Floor Exercise’!

Please ask if you like my diagram so much that you’d like to use it too 😉 In the simplest terms, the above diagram demonstrates relationship between connective tissue, in this case, the Anterior Londitudinal Ligament, its continuation through fascia and movement to the Pelvic Floor Musculature (PFM) and then the continuation of the PFM […]

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Powerplate, the Post Baby Client & Her Pelvic Floor

Around 4 years ago, I was introduced to the Powerplate and truly began revolutionizing my work with and results for my Post Baby/female clients.  So, I’d like to share with you why I’m such a raving fan and a little of the ‘science behind the system’.   If you are new to the concept of […]

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Lack of Vitamin D Is Also Part of the Incontinence Puzzle!

As it is winter for half the world at the moment, my intention in writing this post is not to depress anyone sat next to a fire or radiator any further but…..a few thoughts on Vitamin D. First up…a recent interesting study was published linking Vitamin D deficiency to pelvic floor dysfunction and conversely an […]

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Post Baby Reality Check!

I have to tell you that I start this blog both ultra grateful and pretty ticked off!  And this is why…… 1.  I’m totally grateful for the hugely positive response Metabolic Mommy, GOYA and just generally that Burrell Education is simply flying, I’m having a stand-out year. I’ve worked very hard, had a few lucky […]

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