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……….What, no Kegels to Strengthen Pelvic Floor?????? OMG!

OK, the gig is finally up on ONLY performing Kegels to re-activate and  re-condition the Pelvic Floor!  Don’t get me wrong, after giving birth when the musculature, nerve and blood supply, fascia and ligaments of the Pelvic Floor and Pelvic Basin have undergone significant trauma or at the very least, have been stretched by carrying […]

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Sleep Deprivation, Stress and Fat Loss for the Post Natal Client

  For all of you out there with Post Natal clients (6 weeks to 6 years ;-)….Here are a few thoughts on a few important components to fat loss that are rarely considered when dealing with this special population. During Pregnancy and the early Post Natal period, Cortisol is  NATURALLY ELEVATED!  In the Post Natal period […]

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