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5 SIMPLE but HUGE ‘Hormones Happy’ Life-Style Hacks

Being ‘Hormones Happy’ in our modern environments can be an absolute challenge but I’m a firm believer in DOING WHAT YOU CAN in all adverse situations and so presenting 5 SIMPLE but actually HUGE steps you can take to redress the imbalance caused by modern living……whether you’re serving Post Natal women trying to lose ‘baby […]

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BE TV Episode 2 – Pelvic Floor + Core Friendly Alternatives to Ballistic Movements + Why!

Welcome to Epsisode 2 of  Burrell Education TV,  where today we’re talking Pelvic Floor, Diastasis, Prolapse and PRESSURE through the core!! so without further a do….THIS! There’s just so much talk about “Diastasis / Pelvic Floor / Prolapse Safe” exercise when it comes to ‘core work’ and fitness/movement prescription in general but as professionals, many […]

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Brianne Grogan Interview – Author of ‘Lady Bits’

  Oooooh another fabulous interview for you with one of the MOST heart-centered professionals working in the field of Women’s Wellness that I know and have had the pleasure of spending time with.  Dr. Brianne Grogan is the author of ‘Lady Bits’…….the tag line is ‘understand your body, elevate your health and reclaim your spark […]

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David Weinstock Interview – Neurokinetic Therapy, C-Section Scars, Incontinence and Diastasis Healing!

I LOVE bodywork, remedial therapy, massage and any soft tissue work that gets people out of discomfort and pain…..and gets people back to feeling awesome in their own skin.  Out of everything I have ever learned, my hands-on skills are my most prized possession.  I also LOVE anyone that can show me something that will […]

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Superstar Student! – Lisa Gimenez Codd – Optimal Nutrition For Post Natal Recovery, 3rd Age & Advanced Post Natal

I’ve got a LOT of time this young lady!  As always, we met on-line and from the start, she demonstrated her passion and deep insight into the world of Women’s Wellness with every post and comment within the groups that we’re both members.  Lisa Gimenz-Codd of Optimum Health has a wonderful, multi-platform business serving mainly […]

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Massage + Soft Tissue Strategies For Deep Diastasis Healing

Are you considering the role of rib/intercostal-pain in relation to your Post Natal Diastasis clients?  Are your Diastasis clients also presented with mal-aligned rib-cages and/or rib flaring? I was reading a blog about strategies to alleviate rib pain during Pregnancy and thought about how little it’s discussed in reference to the Post Natal period and […]

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Your Ultimate Post Natal Return-to-Exercise Pre-Screen Checklist

I’m EXCITED!  I’m excited because I’ve just completed the biggest, hardest, bad-assed chunk of my book.  EXHALE.  I’m excited because I can quite literally feel the earth moving underneath the world of Women’s Fitness and Wellness especially in the field of holistic programming for the Pregnant, Post Natal and Peri-Post Menopause woman and I’m excited […]

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Video Interview with Amy Stein on Pelvic Pain + Pelvic Floor Hypertonicity (Overactive PF)

Another day, another virtual trip around the world….this time the location is New York City again for a wonderful interview with the ever-gracious Amy Stein, the author of Heal Pelvic Pain and a world authority of the subject.  Amy heads up her physical therapy practice in New York, Beyond Basics Physical Therapy is an educator, […]

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Interview with Isa Herrera on Ending Pain In Pregnancy & Diastasis in Pregnancy

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Isa Herrer of Renew Physical Therapy in New York about her foundation textbook for both professionals and moms called Ending Pain In Pregnancy.  Isa and her team truly fly the flag for ‘Woman Centred’, Holistic, Multi-Disciplinary, Integrated wellness strategies for women experiencing pain thought all their […]

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2015 Diastasis Research Update + 16 Reasons Why Nutrition + Lifestyle Matter

On February 10th I was immensely honoured to be asked to present alongside my friend and colleague Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Maria Elliott, at an evening lecture for nearly 200 physiotherapy/fitness/wellness professions hosted by Physio UK and led by Diane Lee, one of the key thought-leaders, researchers and practitioners in this area of women’s health.  The […]

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