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Modern Pregnancy Exercise – Functional Integrated Core Strength Throughout The Trimesters

When my wonderful colleague Ginger Garner asked me to share my thoughts on Pregnancy Exercise, I did a little Google search and found it pretty challenging to find a picture that didn’t involve a birthing ball….and indeed the picture above intimates that ‘Pregnancy Exercise’ = sitting on a birthing ball.  PS, I don’t have anything against […]

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Awesome Ways To Release Post Natal QL’s (Videos)

If you’re working with the Post Natal client and she’s stuck in an anterior tilt, check/palpate for hypertoned QL’s as they could quite possibly be holding her in this position.  Why is this a problem?   Well, basically, in this position, the abdominal wall stays in a lengthened position – no good if you are trying to […]

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Why We Say SET! Modern Post Natal Core Restore Strategies (Video)

Supersize your Post Natal Core Restore by applying this 1 simple strategy. So, those of you who’ve been to a Burrell Education LIVE Post Natal CPD Course or taken the Advanced ON-LINE Post Natal Certification recently, can look away now but those of you who haven’t might like this update to your Modern Post Natal Core […]

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Pressure, Pascal’s Law and the Post Natal Core (Video)

Pressure, Pascal’s Law and the Post Natal Core……WHAAAAT? I hear you cry….bear with, bear with 🙂 If you have a compromised core – dysfunctional Pelvic Floor or abdominal wall in the case of Diastasis, you need to learn how to manage pressure because when you don’t, this leads to incontinence issues, prolapse and a Diastasis […]

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Post Natal Core Exercises – CRUNCHING – the Do’s, Dont’s & Why’s

I had a thought the other day, that I was glad I wasn’t a Post Natal woman seeking to find good information regarding Post Natal Core Exercises……turn to every outlet (on-line and off-line) and there’s tons of information on the DONT’S but where are the DO’S? and the WHY’S?  As I have the pleasure of […]

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The Ante to Post Natal Client Life Cycle – Your Ultimate Business Template

So, I was teaching a workshop last week and drew the diagram above to illustrate a point regarding the Ante to Post Natal client.  It was received with a lot of ooooohsss and aaaaahhsss and suddenly I  had the thought that although the above diagram is TOTALLY apparent to me, it obviously was a light-bulb […]

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Post Natal Core Restore & The Myofascial Lines

As my journey continues in this part of fitness and Women’s Wellness, I am more and more convinced that without having an appreciation of the Thomas Myers’ Myofascial Lines, our attempts at Post Natal Core Restore  and Post Natal Exercises programming are pretty much hamstrung. If you have massage or bodywork education as part of […]

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BE TV Episode 4: Simple Relief Stategies For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Video)

Many women develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) during Pregnancy and find that it can linger well into the Post Natal period making the early months and even sometimes years of ‘momming’ a tough job.  At best, the symptoms of CTS are uncomfortable and at worse, they can be pretty debilitating.  CTS is caused by the […]

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