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3 Delicious Integrated Pelvic Floor and Hip Mobilizers

I wanted to share with you these 3 utterly delicious integrated Pelvic Floor and hip moblizers because I think they might just transform the was you ‘do stretching’ with your Pregnant and Post Natal clients in relation to the pelvic moblity in general and the down-training and mobilization of their Pelvic Floor on a global […]

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Is Your Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise Prescription ‘Fit For Purpose’?? – VIDEO

They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and Burrell Education was very much created from a position of necessity to improve the correlation between how Pregnant and Post Natal women actually move in their daily lives and what was generally passing for ‘fit for purpose’ exercise prescription….in short, for a long time in […]

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Pelvic Health Red Flags + Helping Your Client Obtain a Clinical Referral (VIDEO)

Oh my gosh,  I’ve been meaning to write a blog on Pelvic Health Red Flags + Helping Your Client Obtain a Clinical Referral for so long, it’s untrue so finally and with huge thanks to Michelle Lyons for her generosity in providing us with a definitive guide to Pelvic Health Red Flag, how to direct […]

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Your Post Natal Client + Her Traumatic Birth Story…A Thought…..

Do you have Post Natal clients who have ‘less than positive’ birth stories, seem low in mood or actually depressed?  If yes, I think you’ll find this interview with the amazing Rachel Webber, a former Midwife who now runs a ‘Birth Story Listening’ service, extremely interesting.  In nearly 20 years of serving the Post Natal […]

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BE TV Episode 3: Glute Work That Actually Works! (Adaptations for the Ante/Post Natal Client)

Burrell Education TV Episode 3 As I’m not the biggest fan of floor-based work for the Ante/Post Natal population and that includes the humble Clamshell ;-), I’ve been very interested in lots of great blogs flying about the internet dedicated to which ‘glute’ strength exercises actually give the best bang for buck, muscle fibre recruitment […]

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21st Century Massage Marketing – All the Business Stuff That They Forgot To Teach You At Massage School!

In over a decade of practising Soft Tissue and Remedial Massage Therapies, the actual instruction that I’ve received on how to actually build a successful business and truly monetize my hard won skills has been extremely limited to say the least.   So, with the power of hind-sight and the world of possibilities open to […]

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Superstar Student! – Lisa Gimenez Codd – Optimal Nutrition For Post Natal Recovery, 3rd Age & Advanced Post Natal

I’ve got a LOT of time this young lady!  As always, we met on-line and from the start, she demonstrated her passion and deep insight into the world of Women’s Wellness with every post and comment within the groups that we’re both members.  Lisa Gimenz-Codd of Optimum Health has a wonderful, multi-platform business serving mainly […]

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The Top 10 Pregnancy Exercise Myths Explored + Explained (VIDEO)

Again with my mommy side-kick Pentony O’Hagan, we took a look at The Top 10 Pregnancy Exercise Myths and dug a little deeper into areas where many moms and professionals are still confused.  We hope this video helps you out.  This blog follows on from our previous collaboration on Crossfit Adaptations During Pregnancy (during the 2nd […]

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Crossfit Adaptations For The Pregnant Client – 2nd Trimester (VIDEO)

Are you a Crossfitter working with Pregnant women?  Have you considered what Crossfit adaptations for the Pregnant client – 2nd Trimester would be? This blog isn’t big on text today but large on action, real-time information and hopefully a helpful video whether your are a Pregnant Crossfit fan or working with women who want to […]

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