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Video Interview with Amy Stein on Pelvic Pain + Pelvic Floor Hypertonicity (Overactive PF)

Another day, another virtual trip around the world….this time the location is New York City again for a wonderful interview with the ever-gracious Amy Stein, the author of Heal Pelvic Pain and a world authority of the subject.  Amy heads up her physical therapy practice in New York, Beyond Basics Physical Therapy is an educator, […]

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Interview with Isa Herrera on Ending Pain In Pregnancy & Diastasis in Pregnancy

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Isa Herrer of Renew Physical Therapy in New York about her foundation textbook for both professionals and moms called Ending Pain In Pregnancy.  Isa and her team truly fly the flag for ‘Woman Centred’, Holistic, Multi-Disciplinary, Integrated wellness strategies for women experiencing pain thought all their […]

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Interview with Diane Lee on SPD, Pelvic Girdle Pain & Diastasis

  My mom had a saying…..’when you need clean water, you go to the head of the fountain’……Diane Lee IS, for sure, one of the major fountain heads in the world of Physiotherapy and Women’s Wellness.  Whether you’re reading/watching this as a professional or a woman/mom experiencing Pelvic Girdle Pain, this woman with her series […]

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2 Interviews With Sue Croft – Pregnancy, Post Birth, Pelvic Floors, Pessaries and More! A MUST WATCH!

  Welcome to the first in a series of interviews with wonderful workers in the field of women’s wellness…..Sue Croft is an eminent Women’s Health Physiotherapist based in Brisbane Australia who spared me an hour of her time to try to condense her extensive knowledge regarding women’s pelvic health into some major nuggets that are […]

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‘Loaded Movement Training’ & Pregnancy Exercise

Part 1 – Defining Functional Training During Pregnancy Exercise Programming with Laura Deitz – ViPR Group Fitness Master Trainer (pictured), soon to be mom of 2! What is Loaded Movement Training?   Moving in multiple planes / directions under load. What’s so great about it? It creates a platform for fitness programming that is reflective of […]

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Modern Pregnancy Exercise – Functional Integrated Core Strength Throughout The Trimesters

When my wonderful colleague Ginger Garner asked me to share my thoughts on Pregnancy Exercise, I did a little Google search and found it pretty challenging to find a picture that didn’t involve a birthing ball….and indeed the picture above intimates that ‘Pregnancy Exercise’ = sitting on a birthing ball.  PS, I don’t have anything against […]

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Awesome Ways To Release Post Natal QL’s (Videos)

If you’re working with the Post Natal client and she’s stuck in an anterior tilt, check/palpate for hypertoned QL’s as they could quite possibly be holding her in this position.  Why is this a problem?   Well, basically, in this position, the abdominal wall stays in a lengthened position – no good if you are trying to […]

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Pressure, Pascal’s Law and the Post Natal Core (Video)

Pressure, Pascal’s Law and the Post Natal Core……WHAAAAT? I hear you cry….bear with, bear with 🙂 If you have a compromised core – dysfunctional Pelvic Floor or abdominal wall in the case of Diastasis, you need to learn how to manage pressure because when you don’t, this leads to incontinence issues, prolapse and a Diastasis […]

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The Ante to Post Natal Client Life Cycle – Your Ultimate Business Template

So, I was teaching a workshop last week and drew the diagram above to illustrate a point regarding the Ante to Post Natal client.  It was received with a lot of ooooohsss and aaaaahhsss and suddenly I  had the thought that although the above diagram is TOTALLY apparent to me, it obviously was a light-bulb […]

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5 Wonderful Ways to Free the Piriformis – Video

  Here’s my Piriformis Freedom Challenge for you this week whilst working with your Pregnant and Post Natal clients………CHECK THEIR FEET!  Are they positioned as above? If they are, they may also have Piriformis pain and mobility restrictions.  The external rotation of the foot leads up to internal rotation of the femur.  The attachments for […]

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