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Is Your Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise Prescription ‘Fit For Purpose’?? – VIDEO

They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and Burrell Education was very much created from a position of necessity to improve the correlation between how Pregnant and Post Natal women actually move in their daily lives and what was generally passing for ‘fit for purpose’ exercise prescription….in short, for a long time in […]

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Help for the ‘Overactive’ or ‘Too Tight’ Pelvic Floor (VIDEO)

In the world of Pelvic Floor fitness and retraining in the case of the simpler end of continence issues where a ‘strength’ programme is indicated, there sometimes isn’t an equal emphasis on balancing the work/hypertrophy with a down-training programming. Ultimately, we all know the body functions best when both local (core) and global muscle/myofascial length […]

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Flexibility Protocols During Pregnancy….Another Way!

Actually, the title should be Flexibility Protocols During Pregnancy and the Post Natal period…..another way! But that’s a bit long….:-) Full disclosure, I don’t like the term ‘stretching’… bores me….it feels so limited and such an underplay of the possibilities when aiming to mobilize, free and help our clients move well in their amazing bodies, […]

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‘Loaded Movement Training’ & Pregnancy Exercise

Part 1 – Defining Functional Training During Pregnancy Exercise Programming with Laura Deitz – ViPR Group Fitness Master Trainer (pictured), soon to be mom of 2! What is Loaded Movement Training?   Moving in multiple planes / directions under load. What’s so great about it? It creates a platform for fitness programming that is reflective of […]

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5 Wonderful Ways to Free the Piriformis – Video

  Here’s my Piriformis Freedom Challenge for you this week whilst working with your Pregnant and Post Natal clients………CHECK THEIR FEET!  Are they positioned as above? If they are, they may also have Piriformis pain and mobility restrictions.  The external rotation of the foot leads up to internal rotation of the femur.  The attachments for […]

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