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Charging Your Worth, Being Visible and Working ON Your Business – An Interview with Rachel Holmes

  Hi everyone!  How are you ?  Spring has sprung on this side of the world and we are all feeling so much better with the lighter nights and more sun….we’re all gearing up for the Woman On Fire Weekend Festival on 25/26th April…..still tickets for Sunday but SOLD OUT on Saturday I’m afraid…..and I […]

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Women’s Wellness Summit Presenter Profiles – Dr. Anu Arasu & Julie Bartlett

  At last year’s Women’s Wellness Summit, Dr. Anu Arasu, wowed us all with her succinct and finally easy to understand take on the Somatopausal to Post Menopause years in the female life span and will return again this year but with a twist! This year, Dr. Anu will present a real-person example of how […]

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Fantastically Fascially Inspired Pregnancy Exercise (Video)

I’m hugely enjoying the Pregnancy Exercise part of my business at the moment, getting creative and getting moms moving to keep them ‘fit-for-purpose’ 🙂 with my inspiration coming from Yoga, Functional Training and Loaded Movement Training and of course the Myofascial Lines as described by Thomas Myers….. I’ll be demonstrating LOTS of cool concepts like […]

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Women’s Wellness Summit – Presenter Profile – Jenny Burrell

  Slightly odd, writing my own biog but here goes……these are my sessions at the Women’s Wellness Summit in March. For those of you who know me and have been part of my Burrell Education journey, you’ll know that I have a one track mind – The Modernization of Pregnancy/Post Natal/Women’s Wellness Fitness Education! If […]

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Women’s Wellness Summit – Presenter Profile – Michelle Lyons

  I am honoured to introduce to you Michelle Lyons, an esteemed figured in the world of Women’s Health Physiotherapy globally.   Michelle’s session is entitled – ‘Let’s Talk About Sex – During and After Pregnancy’.  Well,  this title really got me excited as apart from Pelvic Dysfunction, this topic is also a big ‘shhh’ topic so here […]

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Women’s Wellness Summit – Presenter Profile – Maria Elliott

Maria Elliot of Simply Women’s Heath is an outstanding Women’s Health Physiotherapist with a speciality in Pelvic Pain.   As fitness professionals, many of us deal with clients experiencing a wide variety of Pelvic Dysfunctions that lead to pain that are far beyond our skill set.  Having a strategy for a) understanding the issue (s) […]

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Women’s Wellness Summit – Presenter Profile – Mairi Taylor

I LOVE THIS WOMAN!  That is all!  & if you don’t know her……….. sincerely a) where have you been? b) she needs to be in your life! Mairi Taylor of FAB Fitness,  has not only single-handedly introduced the the wonders of juicing a whole section of the UK fitness industry but literally demonstrated the power of clean […]

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Women’s Wellness Summit – Presenter Profile – Rachel Holmes

  Even if you have been in fitness for only 10 seconds and access even 1 social medial channel…you will know who Rachel Holmes is! In my humble opinion, she is one of the most driven, present, successful, prolific creators of fitness innovation in the UK today – mainly biased towards the female client. Her […]

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Women’s Wellness Summit – Presenter Profile – Rachel France

Rachel France Rachel France DipITS MBCA QTS Rachel’s professional career in the fitness industry spans 2 decades from when she started as a professional dancer travelling overseas across Europe & the Far East. Her professional qualifications range from manual therapy, movement/exercise practitioner, fully qualified teacher and Group X. Having been a Director of a research company […]

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