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The 21st Century ‘Eat Well’ Plate!

By Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), Founder of Burrell Education, Leading-Edge Pregnancy, Post Natal and Female-Centric Fitness & Therapy, London, UK. The NO-DIET FAT LOSS 10 COMMANDMENTS 1.        INSULIN IS ONE OF OUR MASTER HORMONES IN TERMS OF FAT LOSS  – TO PREVENT FAT BEING STORED WE NEED TO GOOD CONTROL OVER IT.  For most people […]

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The Way We Work Just Isn’t Working…….. ‘Human beings are not computers. Why are we trying to work as if we are?’ – The Energy Project I came across this site a while ago via Facebook and was totally struck by the concept of ‘taking back your lunch hour’ and so many of the other concepts that purported by Tony Schwartz […]

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