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Burrell Education Living List – Post Natal Books, Influencers + Resources – Aug ’16 Update

After nearly 20 years serving the Post Natal woman in fitness/wellness both as the do-er, the student and the educator, I’ve gotten through a LOT of books and courses (above is just one of many bookcases in my office and throughout my house – Amazon LOVES ME!) and it was only because I had to […]

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Superstar Student! – Sarahjane West-Watson – Advanced Post Natal + Advanced Pregnancy On Line Global Certifications

Introducing Sarahjane West-Watson a brilliant Physiotherapist and Women’s Health and Wellbeing mentor to the lucky women of Cheshire!  Sarah’s been a loyal fixture on many of the online and live offerings from Burrell Education and has created a business serving moms that bridges the gap between her Physiotherapy education/practise and serving the full circle of […]

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Superstar Student! – Kate Smart – Kate Smart Fitness

Sometimes people come into your business world and overtime they become trusted colleagues and a friend – introducing my trusted colleague and friend Kate Smart who’s doing wonderful work in the world of Women’s Fitness and Wellness in West London and soon to be GLOBALLY with her new online programmes.  Kate will blush when she […]

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Superstar Student! – Lisa Rushton – Advanced CPD in Modern Post Natal Assessment, Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming

    Hey there, I’m excited to introduce you to our next ‘Superstar Student, Physiotherapist Lisa Rushton!  I’m honoured to have one of the Women’s Health Physio ‘mafia’ 😉 join us in class and was thrilled to read Lisa’s feedback….I’ll let her speak for herself….   Who do you serve?  What are your offerings? Lisa […]

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Superstar Student! – Sarah Parker – Advanced Pregnancy Exercise On-Line + Metabolic Mommy Member

Introducing the wonderful Sarah Parker of Sarah Parker Fitness!  This young lady has been a fixture in both the live and on-line world of Burrell Education for nearly as long as it’s been in existence.  And for this I am sincerely grateful!  Like so many of you, she’s out in her local community serving and […]

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Superstar Student! – Lisa Gimenez Codd – Optimal Nutrition For Post Natal Recovery, 3rd Age & Advanced Post Natal

I’ve got a LOT of time this young lady!  As always, we met on-line and from the start, she demonstrated her passion and deep insight into the world of Women’s Wellness with every post and comment within the groups that we’re both members.  Lisa Gimenz-Codd of Optimum Health has a wonderful, multi-platform business serving mainly […]

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The Top 10 Pregnancy Exercise Myths Explored + Explained (VIDEO)

Again with my mommy side-kick Pentony O’Hagan, we took a look at The Top 10 Pregnancy Exercise Myths and dug a little deeper into areas where many moms and professionals are still confused.  We hope this video helps you out.  This blog follows on from our previous collaboration on Crossfit Adaptations During Pregnancy (during the 2nd […]

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Massage + Soft Tissue Strategies For Deep Diastasis Healing

Are you considering the role of rib/intercostal-pain in relation to your Post Natal Diastasis clients?  Are your Diastasis clients also presented with mal-aligned rib-cages and/or rib flaring? I was reading a blog about strategies to alleviate rib pain during Pregnancy and thought about how little it’s discussed in reference to the Post Natal period and […]

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