Charging Your Worth, Being Visible and Working ON Your Business – An Interview with Rachel Holmes



Hi everyone!  How are you ?  Spring has sprung on this side of the world and we are all feeling so much better with the lighter nights and more sun....we're all gearing up for the Woman On Fire Weekend Festival on 25/26th April.....still tickets for Sunday but SOLD OUT on Saturday I'm afraid.....and I thought you'd want to hear from one of the Sunday presenters - Miss Rachel Holmes.  Rachel is probably our most successful fitness entrepreneur in the UK and I thought Burrell Education fans would really benefit from her pearls of wisdom on some of the topic that we'll be covering during the Sunday sessions and then for the 30 Days!!!!!  Yes, you read that right, the 30 Days after the event as we then dig deeper in the '30 Day - Do What You Said You Were Gonna Do' Challenge.....


I totally know how it is when you attend an event and you are SO FIRED UP!  You're gonna do this, you're gonna do that and takes over and you get busy and you lose 'it'.....that feeling of possibility and drive.....that feeling of being able to complete even when the tasks are boring, laborious or you meet a sticky patch.  So, that's why....from the 1st May to 31st May THE WORK CONTINUES!  We get some serious work done.......WE COMPLETE and move our businesses forward to the places where we have dreamt and hoped they would be - from Facebook Marketing to finding someone to outsource challenging tech jobs - we've got it covered!

Anyway, here's an interview I did with Rachel and whether you attend or not, I think you'll get a lot out of it.....grab yourself a notepad, a herb tea and put your feet up and take some time out for YOU!  You deserve it 🙂

I'd love your feedback on the topics covered if you have time, so feel free to comment below!  Speak soon........

Overview of the Topics Covered:

  • What are the secrets of actually working out  and earning what you WANT TO and NEED TO earn?
  • Why do professionals undercharge or charge less than their services are worth?
  • The 'Hidden Entreprenur' - why are great professionals afraid to be visible?
  • 'Working on your business IS personal development' - discuss!


Interview with Rachel Holmes

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