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Are you ready to begin your journey as a fully certified ‘Therapeutic Coach for Women’?

Are you ready to create a REAL, Coaching offering within your wellness business that truly has the potential to transform the lives of the women you serve?

Are you ready to step into a new version of you and your current business serving women? 

For most wellness professionals, there comes a time when they feel ready to GO DEEPER with clients in order to facilitate the change and transformation so deeply sought.  

If the above resonate, then you’ll be very interested in this brand new 200 Hour ‘Therapeutic Coaching For Women Diploma’.

What is ‘Therapeutic Coaching’?

 Most people are familiar with the role of a ‘traditional Coach’ as being someone who will provide support, guidance, counsel and structure in your journey to achieving a goal. A great Coach will help you to organise your thoughts, help you see potential and pitfalls that hadn’t been considered before and in most cases, unearth a persons innate problem-solving potential.

The emphasis, in ‘traditional coaching’ is usually and primarily on the present (where you are now) and the future (where do you want to be) and of course, how you’ll get there.  The Coach may use a ‘model’ or ‘framework’ to help you work through the stages of achieving your goal.

Therapeutic Coachingis different because although the aim is still to bring a Coachee to a greater level of awareness, understanding and gain more clarity regarding problematic situations,   It is underpinned by the principle that many of the ‘problems’ that people face in the present moment, have their origins in the past, and that in many cases, taking time to gently explore long held beliefs and historical events, greatly improves our understanding of where we find ourselves at the present time.

‘Therapeutic Coaching’ also involves exploring our ‘Somatic Narrative’….’what’s going on in our bodies when we talk about or reflect on problematic or painful events’.  This too is a large departure from ‘traditional coaching’ but has been shown to be a powerful way to fast-track those being coached to unearth and identify the authentic emotions and feelings usually at the heart of their problems.   Simply put, ‘Therapeutic Coaching’ is a gentle, supportive but DEEP DIVE in the root cause of perceived problems to truly understand their origin in order to better create long-lasting solutions.  During your sessions, your Coach may support you in reflecting on your past and also bring your attention to bodily sensations whilst you are being Coached.

This Diploma is about raising the vibration and consciousness of women (you and the client), helping women to understand the RADICAL POWER of PAUSING, to becoming more PRESENT in their own lives, in order to gain new PERSPECTIVES + PRIORITIES AND CREATE COMPELLING VISIONS FOR THEIR FUTURES.

I deeply feel that this is not only possible with the right education, support and guidance,  but it’s actually EVERY WOMAN’S BIRTH-RIGHT!  “We weren’t meant or built to do this alone!

Are you ready for your next step of your Women’s Wellness Professional journey??

This course is for you if…..

  • You want to add a formal Coaching offering to your existing woman’s wellness business. YOU WANT TO BECOME A THERAPEUTIC COACH FOR WOMEN!
  • You’ve been working in the Women’s Wellness Industry for some time and YOU ARE READY TO GO DEEPER with your clients and start working on their ‘root causes’ in order to achieve LONG LASTING CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION
  • You want to create a  part of your business that isn’t reliant on you physically being in the room with clients
  • You want to create a business that will ‘age well’ and give you financial income without wearing workout clothes
  • You’re interested and excited to ‘do your own work’ too as part of the learning process
  • You want to be able to provide Therapeutic Coaching for Women individually and in small groups, in person or via Zoom
  • You’re dying to have the skills, language and thought process that enable you to ask better questions of your clients and KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THE ANSWERS 
  • You’ve started to feel limited by only being able to offer MOVEMENT AND NUTRITION as ‘solutions’ and KNOW that deeper results involve working on what’s going on in clients’ minds and their histories
  • You’ve had a lot of ‘life experience’ yourself and feel that you have a lot to share with clients but want to do so in a more formal capacity 
  • You feel the time is right to ‘future-proof’ your business and statistics for Mental Distress increase and the fallout from the Pandemic continues
  • You want to be part of creating REAL, LONG-LASTING CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION in the lives of your clients
  • You want to be able to access a toolbox of strategies, theories and techniques to use with your clients
  • You want to be part of a heartfelt, compassionate community of other women on the same journey as yourself
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Live Zoom Classroom Date + Timings – Class B24 

These Zoom Classes will be held on TUESDAYS 9.30am – 3pm UK time (starting 14th May 2024)

  • May – Tuesday 14th + 21st 2024
  • June – Tuesday 4th + 18th 2024
  • July – Tuesday 9th + 16th 2024
  • August – No Zoom Classes – Case Study + Self-Study Month
  • September – Tuesday 10th + 24th 2024
  • October – Tuesday 1st + 15th 2024
  • November – Tuesday 5th + 19th 2024
  • December – No Zoom Classes – Case Study + Self-Study Month
  • January – Tuesday 7th + 21st 2025
  • February – Tuesday 11th + 25th 2025
  • March – No Classes – Certification Submission Month 
  • Course Ends Friday 28th March 2025

You want to create a dedicated Coaching offering within your current business.  You’ll choose this education if you’re ready to GO DEEPER both within yourself and with the women you serve.  You’ll choose this education if you’re ready to step into a FORMAL ‘THERAPEUTIC COACHING’ ROLE.   

This education is ideal for anyone already certified to work with women throughout their lifespan in the world of Health, Nutrition, Movement, Fitness, Wellness, Soft Tissue Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Perinatal Care and Physiotherapy.  This first cohort will be attuned to the UK time zone – 9.30am til 3pm GMT.  Candidates need to be aware of the ‘live’ nature of this course and that 80% attendance of the ‘Live Zoom Classroom’ + Practice Pods are required to become accredited. 

This Diploma is accredited by CIMSPA, ThinkTree and CPD.

Your certificate will read that you have achieved a DIPLOMA IN THERAPEUTIC COACHING FOR WOMEN.   On completion of all elements of the Diploma, you’ll be a Therapeutic Women’s Coach.

The ‘LIVE’ portion of this Diploma will be held on Zoom.  You’ll need a computer or tablet and a reliable/stable internet connection.  And a willingness to be part of a personally transformational process.

Yes, of course, there will be a dedicated Facebook Group for each cohort hosted by Jenny Burrell and the support team.  You’ll also be assigned to a ‘Pod Leader’ who you’ll meet with monthly with a smaller group of your peers to discuss elements of the course, practice your coaching skills and be supported with any personal issues you may have around the Diploma.

Alongside the twice per month 9.30am – 3pm classroom, students will need to carry out 20 case study coaching session and write-ups by the end of the course, but these are spread throughout the year.   Students also need to attend the group ‘Practice Pod’ sessions where they practice their coaching skills supervised by a Pod Leader, there is 1 x 2 hour session per month.  Additionally, each month’s content concludes with a 10 question multiple choice test which needs to be completed and passed before progressing onto the next months content.

Your first payment whether in full or via instalments secures your spot and access to ALL available content!

Forever!  You have ETERNAL ACCESS to all content purchased.   This access will not extend to updates to the course beyond your period of study for certification.

Yes please see below for the Certification Requirements – ALL ELEMENTS BELOW MUST BE COMPLETED

  • Introduction, Orienteering and Housekeeping Session – 90 mins – 1 week ahead of start date
  • Minimum 80% attendance of fortnightly, 9.30am to 3pm, Live Zoom Classes – January 2024 to October 2024
  • Minimum 80% attendance of Practice Pod Sessions
  • 100% Successful completion of End of Monthly Content Multi-Choice Tests
  • Submission of 20 Client Case Studies 
  • Submission of 2 FINAL Client Coaching Video Submissions 

You can view our policy on refunds and cancellations here .

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Your Current Investment = £1,997.00 (Payable in up to 24 monthly installments)

(This price will increase to £2,497.00 for the 2025 Cohorts)

This Diploma is accredited by ThinkTree, CIMSPA and CPD