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Could Anti-biotics Be The Cause of Stubborn Post Baby Fat?

I'll keep this one short and sweet.......

1.  The administering of anti-biotics are part of the anti-infection strategy when a woman is undergoing C-Section.  Depending on where you are in the world, anti-biotics may be administered before or in the immediate post birth period.

2.  We all know that anti-biotics affect optimal gut microflora.

3.  But a lesser known fact is that your hugely important hunger, satiation and fat metabolisation hormones GHRELIN AND LEPTIN are also severely compromised by non-optimal gut micro flora!

A recent US study has shown that 18 months after antibiotics are used to eradicate H. pylori bacteria, there was a:

  • 6-fold increase in the release of Ghrelin (your "I'm full" hormone)
  • 20 percent increase in Leptin levels (A hormone produced by fat tissue that triggers a reduction in appetite to aid the usage of excess fat)
  • 5 percent increase in BMI



Levels of Ghrelin should fall as you eat and this eventually helps your brain know that you are full and should stop eating.  A rise is Ghrelin means that that signaling mechanism is altered and that message becomes blurred.  Utimately, you carry on eating after you are full.


Storage of fat is regulated by Leptin.  When you store excess fat, this excess produces Leptin to tell your body that you need to get rid of the excess fat.  This happens again, by curbing of the appetite so less food is consumed and the excess fat can be utilized.  A rise in levels of Leptin eventually lead to Leptin-Resistance where this signalling mechanism becomes faulty and the body remains 'hungry', the person continues to eat and stores more fat.  FRUCTOSE also has a similar effect on Leptin.


1.  Could this be part of the puzzle for Post Baby fat loss or indeed any of our clients who have been taking anti-biotics and are struggling to lose fat and control their appetite?

2.  Having a question about recent anti-biotic usage on your PARQ might be extremely helpful.

3.  Having a question about bowel function on your PARQ might be extremely helpful.

4.  Having a question about THRUSH might also be extremely helpful on your PARQ.  Developing Vaginal Trush is a common outcome for many women who have been administered anti-biotics and have non-optimal gut health.

5.  Anti-biotics are also administered to intensively farmed animals to dramatically increase their rate of growth!  If we also consume these animals, we consume the anti-biotics......

Such an interesting subject area here and again, ultimately the message is clear, go organic for your meat and where ever else you can and ditch the dirty food!

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