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Crossfit Adaptations For The Pregnant Client – 2nd Trimester (VIDEO)

Are you a Crossfitter working with Pregnant women?  Have you considered what Crossfit adaptations for the Pregnant client - 2nd Trimester would be?

This blog isn't big on text today but large on action, real-time information and hopefully a helpful video whether your are a Pregnant Crossfit fan or working with women who want to continue with their programmes throughout their Trimesters.

For many women who are used to working out at a high intensity and the upper levels of resistance training, it can often be frustrating and confusing when they become Pregnant as they juggle their instinctive protectiveness for their unborn child with their need to find exercise that still 'does the trick' and keeps them sane and fit.

Often, as 'wellness professionals' we underestimate the psychological importance of the client getting their 'exercise fix' and the respectful, TWO-WAY conversation we need to have with our sporty Pregnant clients who are used to 'going-hard' as they progress through their Trimesters.  Having  'professional' knowledge of the perils of 'doing too much in Pregnancy' isn't everything, especially if you don't have experience of 'going hard' yourself, a history of moving/fitness or a true understanding of the exercise style that the client is referring to.  Ultimately, there is still a huge amount of room to MEET THE CLIENT WHERE SHE IS and COACH rather than DICTATE!


Pentony at 24 Weeks Gestation


So, introducing my wonderful friend and colleague Pentony O'Hagan (above) who is an amazing bodyworker, a massive Crossfit fan and also 24 weeks Pregnant. I think we'd all agree that Crossfit's gotten a bit of a battering recently in the world of Women's Wellness after a video went viral that showed women describing the peeing of their pants during competitions and WODs as a 'badge of honour' (100% NOT) alongside number pics and videos of heavily Pregnant women lifting mahoosive weights whilst performing 'ass-to-grass' squats.

As always, sensationalism sells or at least gets clicks but probably at the expense of those Pregnant women who truly know and accept that they can't continue with their pre-Pregnancy programmes and simply need good information and clear direction on how to adapt what they are doing currently for the safety of their baby and continue doing what they love.

Pentony reached out to me in Trimester 1 after searching the internet for adaptations for her Crossfit programme as she was naturally concerned that adaptations/changes needed to be made but not totally confident about how/what/why? So we decided to meet up with Pentony's brilliant coach and box owner Shaun at Crossfit Woodford in the UK, to go through how her pre-Pregnancy programme could be adapted for Trimester 2. 

I loved this session because it simply reinforced to me the massive value and power of continuing resistance training during Pregnancy and a soon-to-be-mom's truly innate ability to know and do what feels right which is actually the case for many Pregnant exercisers out there in the world but of course that doesn't get the clicks 😉

Look at the way this young lady moves! She pain-free, strong and the picture of health. She's preparing for the jobs of her life, birthing and being a fit and able first time mom. I think she's the perfect advert for the benefits of focussing on integrated functional movement and losing the fear of resistance/strength training during Pregnancy. 

We looked at 7 typical WOD activities and how they could be adapted in this Trimester to be both safe for Pentony and her baby. Below are the 7 activities chosen and we show/discuss the adaptations made and why.  We hope you really enjoy this video and would love your feedback if you're Crossfitting whilst Pregnant, keeping up with the resistance training or simply have any thoughts of the 'conversation'.  Enjoy! 

1.  Box Jumps 

2.  Crossfit Burpee

3.  Kettlebell Swing

4.  Barbell Deadlift

5.  Back Squat

6.  Rowing

7.  Pull-Ups

When not Crossfitting, Pentony O'Hagen is an amazing bodyworker, soft-tissue therapist and blogger and you can find her HERE.

Shaun, Pentony's coach run Crossfit Woodford in East London and you can find him HERE

Pentony and me and Shaun

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