David Weinstock Interview – Neurokinetic Therapy, C-Section Scars, Incontinence and Diastasis Healing!

David Weinstock

David Weinstock - Creator of Neurokinetic Therapy

I LOVE bodywork, remedial therapy, massage and any soft tissue work that gets people out of discomfort and pain.....and gets people back to feeling awesome in their own skin.  Out of everything I have ever learned, my hands-on skills are my most prized possession.  I also LOVE anyone that can show me something that will make me more effective, smarter, time and body efficient and further fuels my passion......so introducing Mr. David Weinstock who is the creator of Neurokinetic Therapy and how this amazing man and his 'system' made me do a 180 and gave me some serious brain ache.....all in a good way tho 🙂

Late last year, a friend tipped me off to David Weinstock and his bodywork system Neurokinetic Therapy  after I wrote a blog about a Diastasis and C-Section scar client who I helped get out of C-Section scar pain by working on lower legs and thighs as opposed to directly on her scar.  I didn't know who David was or about his system of working but took a look around his Facebook Page and immediately knew that he could probably answer a LOT of the questions that I had about C-Section scars.  So I messaged David and linked him to my blog and asked what he thought about the work I had done and of course he 'encouraged' me to come and study Neurokinetic Therapy with him.  I missed the first opportunity and quite literally shed tears to get a mom-pass to attend the next 2-day training with David in London a few months ago and BOY was it worth the wait.

David has developed some very, very interesting strategies regarding muscle testing, release and re-education of the whole body, but I think that readers of this blog will be especially interested in his thoughts and strategies regarding C-Section Scars, Urinary Incontinence and Diastasis Recovery.  David's work is strongly influenced by the work of Thomas Myers and Neurobiomechanics and if you work with women throughout their life-span, you'll really want to watch this interview....I think he's a rockstar and a true definition of a thought leader.....I think you will too and of course he's also an 'upsetter' and a bit of a maverick as the best thought-leaders are :-).  I am super excited to continue my journey with him and his team......anyway, check out the interview.  I think you will love it!

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