'Exhale on Exertion'....Why We Need to Teach the Post Natal Client to 'Lift For Life'

‘Exhale on Exertion’….Why We Need to Teach the Post Natal Client to ‘Lift For Life’

Kelly Carrying

A super quick post but a SUPER ESSENTIAL PRINCIPLE for the Post Natal client.......'Exhale on Exertion'!

If you've ever attended ANY Post Natal Burrell Education course you'll have this imprinted on your brain so pardon me for the repetition and you can stop reading now.  If this sounds new to you and intriguing, let's continue.

Basically MOMS LIFT STUFF!  All blooming day long, they're lifting and 'loading' their bodies against gravity.  It's a tough job, so what happens when we add to the mix that the Post Natal client has Diastasis or her abdominal wall and /or Pelvic Floor hasn't regained the integrity and full function to withstand the pressure created by lifting the load?  Well, under this natural increase in intra-abdominal pressure, her viscera is then forced outward against the weak abdominal wall and downwards towards the still healing Pelvic Floor and that for some people looks like a poochy tummy and urinary leakage.....

So.......if you do just 1 thing, please nail this with your client in your sessions and 1 zillion% ensure she nails this and transfers this principle to the waking ours that is now with you.....AS SHE LIFTS HERSELF, THE BABY, THE WASHING BASKET, THE CAR SEAT.....WHATEVER......AS SHE RISES AGAINST GRAVITY.....EXHALE ON EXERTION!

This exhalation kicks in a protective mechanism for the entire core and improves the transfer of load through the tissues and needs to re-taught in the Post Natal period until it becomes automatic because if a woman is lifting all day either holding her breath or bearing out and down onto a healing Diastasis or a weak Pelvic Floor......her recovery is going to be retarded and of course we all want moms well and pain-free, functional and able to do their job well and enjoy their lives.

Here's a quick video of what I mean and then I explain it a little deeper.  Hope that helps you out....Remember.........IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BREATH 😉




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