Fantastically Fascially Inspired Pregnancy Exercise (Video)

I'm hugely enjoying the Pregnancy Exercise part of my business at the moment, getting creative and getting moms moving to keep them 'fit-for-purpose' 🙂 with my inspiration coming from Yoga, Functional Training and Loaded Movement Training and of course the Myofascial Lines as described by Thomas Myers.....

I'll be demonstrating LOTS of cool concepts like those in the video during my sessions at the Women's Wellness Summit in March later this year, but most importantly explaining the WHY'S and giving you a lots to take home and work with the very next day.

I'll love to see you at my sessions on Sunday 2nd and indeed all the weekend! Pregnancy Exercise just got exciting 🙂

PS If you can't make the summit there's also new dates up for the super popular Modern Pregnancy Exercise REPs Endorsed CPD which now carried 16 Points and again, you'll go home with a fantastic DVD chocca of great content and a strong foundation on which to base progressing programming for this wonderful client base.

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