Fat Smashing Cauliflower?!

Ok, so I think we are all agreed that if you ever want to have a decent looking belly again especially over the age of 35-40, AND ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE TRYING TO LOSE HORMONALLY INDUCED POST NATAL BELLY FAT, you have to 'revise' your eating strategy!

One of areas that a lot people get stuck on is how the hell do they get their clients to reduce their starchy carbs and still feel good? I think a new phrase needs to be coined.....'CARB ANXIOUS' - A CLIENT WHO GOES INTO A COLD SWEAT WHEN YOU TELL THEM THEY'VE GOT TO REDUCE THEIR STARCHY CARBS!!

In a nutshell, eat more protein, less sugar and processed foods, increase the volume of fibrous vegetable and eat more good fats - blah, blah, blah!  Just one problem, it's our eyes!!!! We just look at our plates and it just doesn't seem right.  Enter the humble cauliflower!!!!!! Thanks to John Beradi and the Precion Nutrition Team (www.precisionnutrition.com) and closer to home, UK fat smashers such as Paul Mort (www.bootcampking.com), and the Dukan Diet Cookbook (thanks Pippa & Kate), we now have the most brilliant solution - CAULIFLOWER MASH!!!!!!!!!  My God this works! Even my husband, a marathon running, carb-adoring, ecotomorph is fooled by this one and it's possitively delicious too, not to mention the nutritional benefits of cauliflower being a cruciferous veggie.

My simple version goes like this:

1.  Steam 2 heads of cauliflower.

2.  When tender, I put in a bowl and add 1/4 teacup of coconut milk, Himalayan sea salt (thanks Amanda & Andrea!) and freshly ground black pepper and apply a potatoe masher until I get a consistency that looks like mashed potatoe.

3.  That's it!!!  I then put in a Tupperware and keep in the fridge ready to replace the rice, potatoes, pasta that was previously on my plate.

AWESOME AND IT WORKS!  The eyes are fooled, the nerves are calm and the body is nourished!

For more attractive low starchy carb eating ideas my two top tips are anything by these two young men:


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