Female 4R® Certification – LIVE


'Simply Helping Your Female Clients to Feel and Move Better'

A 1-Day CPD that will REVOLUTIONIZE How You and Your Clients MOVE FOREVER!

 Presented by Jenny Burrell & Steve Powell, Director of Education, Performance Health Systems, PTAG Faculty & ViPR Master Trainer

Next Live Course Dates:  2015


 Using 4 Amazing Modalities:

1.  Dynamic Mobilization using bodyweight, ViPRs, Dowels and Resistance Bands & Ropes

2.  Introducation to the use of Instrument Assisted Massage (IAM Tools)

3.  Soft Tissue Release (STR)

4.  'One Second' Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR)

During this UNIQUE education, you will learn.........

Why are different protocols required for your female clients?  It's simple, most women will have given birth in their lives - most, more than once, and the 'vibration' of this amazing life event continues for many, many years after the event(s)  and even for women who have not had children, what's usually missing from a typical 'stretch/relaxation' class is the emphasis on really assessing for, identifying and solving the simple soft tissue issues that many women have and than need to be remedied in order for strengthening exercise to be effective.  So this education is the perfect bolt-on CPD for anyone with a female fitness/wellness clientele who want to learn simple assessment strategies and both hands-on and hands-off strategies to improve their clients' postural alignment.

1.  How to perform our powerful, simple but highly effective assessment strategies to your 'restricted' clients via our 'Sentient Postural Assessment'® & 'Motherhood Movement Screens'® .  Based on the activities/movements of a typical day.....we assess for how well the woman can perform these movements with ease and without any pain, discomfort and restriction.

2.  The fundamentals of Myofascia and the Myofascial Lines and how it's ALL CONNECTED!  We'll make the complicated extremely simple so that you truly understand this vital information and use it to inform your 'release' and exercise choices.

3.  How to Release, Re-Align, Restore Function and Re-Strengthen your female clients. You'll learn how to help your clients get out of minor musculoskeletal pain and discomfort and create a great foundation for your movement sessions and their activities of daily life.

4.  Solutions for freeing up the 'Female 4R® HOTSPOT HIT LIST' - the key areas where women tend to get physically stuck in their bodies that prevent them enjoying movement....AND HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM VIRTUALLY INSTANTLY, EVEN WHILST DRESSED such as: the anterior foot and lower leg, quadriceps, adductors, TFL, IT band, general 'hip flexors', hamstrings, QL's, diapragm border, pelvic crest, intercostals, pubic mound, plantarfascia, anterior/posterior neck (scalenes & platysma), SCM, masseter, sub-occipital region, scalp, piriformis........ We use the 'Sentient Screening', the Myofascial Lines, Functional Movement Patterns, the major planes of motions and simply how we as human beings want to and need to move as the inspiration for this education. Ultimately, you'll learn how to perform a meaningful task-oriented assessment on the clients AND  have the skills to correct and improve performance at your fingertips.

5.  The key elements of Fascial Fitness for Life including positive nutrition and hydration principles that aid healing and health.

6.  How to teach a simple, yet highly effective Body Scan Meditation and a Meditation on the Breath to facilitate deep relaxation and the healing benefits of the meditative state.

6.  Everything you need to walk away and create your own 'Female 4R' offering in your business the next day and get those women moving well again!

Your Take-Homes & Resources…….

  • A detailed hard-copy, fully referenced & photographed manual covering all elements of the programme and further useful resources.
  • All associated notes and client documents required to offer a professional service (questionnaires and pre-screening forms etc.,)
  • Done-For-You Simple Optimum Nutrition For Healing Nutrition Booklet for your client.
  • Ready-to-use Female 4R® branding.
  • MP3 Download of a simple Body Scan Meditation that you can copy for your clients.
  • Free Membership to the Female 4R®  Facebook Community so you can be super supported after your course
  • A ready-to-use filmed Female 4R® Class Format to get you started straight away with your new offering.
  • Filmed versions of all the  'Female 4R® HOTSPOT HIT LIST'  Releases that will transform your ability to help clients' MOVE WITH EASE AGAIN.

Pre-Requisites For Attending  This Certification

This certification is open to all certified/qualified fitness (Level 2 and above) and aligned professionals seeking to improve their Restorative education and skill-set when working with female clients.  It's suitable for Group Exercise Instructors, Massage Therapist, Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers, Ante/Post Natal Educators and indeed ANYONE who wants to help women FEEL AND MOVE BETTER!

Candidates will be awarded an ‘ CERTIFICATE IN FEMALE 4R PROGRAMMING’

REPS 10 points

Certification & 10 CPD Points will be awarded to candidates who achieve:

  • Full attendance of the 1 Day Live Certification (9.00am – 5.30pm)
  • Complete all Pre-Reading Materials (2 hours)
  • Complete all the Face-To-Face Course Assessments
  • Complete the end-of-course Multiple-Choice Exam with a Pass Mark of 75% and above

As this course requires a significant amount of kit, maximum number of candidates is limited to 15 

Next Live Course Dates:  2015