Female 4R® Pregnancy to Post Natal Alignment + Soft Tissue Freedom Solutions Online + Live Certification


'Simply Helping Women Feel, Move and Recover Better Throughout the Natal Years & Beyond'

 Level 1: Using the 4  'Release' , Mobilize and Re-Alignment Modalities of...........

1.  Dynamic Integrated Mobilization (DIM) using bodyweight,  Loaded Movement Training, Dowels and Resistance Bands and Straps
2.  Muscles Energy Techniques - Soft Tissue Release (STR)
3.  Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR)
4. Ischaemic Strategies - Using Foam Rolling and Yoga Balls


Why 'Female 4R®?  Why the need for a separate protocol to improve Postural Alignment in order to relieve common aches, pains and discomfort throughout Pregnancy and way into the Post Natal period?  Why the need for a thought-space that EVERYONE certified to work with women during these life-phases in Fitness/Wellness can implement easily?

Because.....Pregnant and Post Natal women go through or have gone through considerable physical change that can lead to pain and discomfort issues that can hamper everyday ability to carry out everyday activities/movement/exercise and their ability to feel 'at home' and comfortable in their own bodies.

Because.....Non-optimal postural alignment and muscle dysfunction usually plays a huge role in poor Diastasis Healing, Pelvic and Abdominal Wall Form and Force Close and Incontinence issues during the Natal years and are very much part of the continuum of treatment (alongside Optimal Nutrition) that are sometimes overlooked in preference of apply 'exercise' principally to resolve these issues.

Because.....to help women in the Natal years requires specialist knowledge and a deeper understanding of the 'why' these pain/discomfort issues exist in order to create soft-tissue relief strategies that truly serve the needs of the modern mom who wants to stay active, well, pain-free and vital!

Because.....the needs of the Pregnant, early Post Natal and Way Beyond Post Natal client are simply different and deserve a unique education that provides bespoke solutions.

Because.....The 'vibration' Pregnancy and birthing can be felt for many years after the event and again, deserve specialist attention as opposed to applying the general protocols used for non Natal clients.

Because.....What's usually missing from typical stretch/relaxation/functional restoration programming for the Pregnant to Post Natal woman is the emphasis on truly assessing for,  identifying and solving the simple soft tissue issues that many women have and that need to be remedied in order for strengthening exercise to be effective.

Because....There is huge void to fill where we, as professionals are helping to empower our Natal clients to take an active role in maintaining their sense of wellness, mobility and pain/discomfort management throughout their Natal years.

So this education is the perfect bolt-on CPD for any professional serving the Natal woman who wants and needs to learn simple assessment strategies and both hands-on and hands-off strategies to improve their clients' ability to live in their bodies pain free, enjoy fluid and natural movement and understand the true power of optimal nourishment, hydration and natural movement.

This certification would not have been possible in this depth without two of the finest minds I have ever had the pleasure of knowing....

Steve Powell

Steve Powell

Steve Powell, Head of Education for Performance Health Systems, former PTAG Global Faculty and all round movement maestro takes the reigns for all things Fascia, movement functionality and makes assessment soooo simple.  I am truly honoured to have Steve as part of the Female 4R team and I know you will love his amazing teaching style and passion for this area of wellness.

Michelle Lyons

Michelle Lyons

Michelle Lyons is a Global Women's Health Physiotherapy Educator that EVERYONE should know if they are working in the world of Women's Wellness.  Her knowledge base is both extremely wide and deep and her contribution to this certification, quite simply elevates it way beyond being 'a course on stretching'.  She's amazing and I am so glad to know this woman and you will be too.


Module 1 - Part 1 - Delivered On-Line - Prior to Attendance of the 2 Live Days - Steve Powell + Jenny Burrell

  • Ante to Post Natal Endocrinology (The Effect of the Hormone System on Connective Tissue During the Natal Period)
  • Collagen Biomechanics and Biochemistry
  • Tissue Remodelling Theory
  • The fundamentals of Myofascia, the Myofascial Lines and Functional Movement Patterns and how it's ALL CONNECTED!  We'll make the complicated extremely simple so that you truly understand this vital information and use it to inform your 'release', mobilisation and strengthening exercise choices.
  • Soft Tissue Birthing Trauma - Pelvic Floor, Diastasis, C-Section, Scar Tissue - and their influence on dysfunction in the Post Natal period.
  • Ante to Post Natal Postural Alignment Changes
  • The Female 4R® 'Hotspots' Explored and Explained
  • The Breath and its role in 'Core Dysfunction'
  • The 4R® Modalities Explained - DIM, Loaded Movement Training, Soft Tissue Release, 1 Second Post Isometric Release, Ischaemic/Trigger Point Strategies and Foam Rolling.
  • How to perform 2 simple but effective assessment styles on your restricted/in-pain clients via a 'Sentient Postural Assessment'® + the Ante/Post Pain, Posture and Alignment Hotspots'.  These assessments are based on the performance of activities/movements of a typical day for a mom.....we assess for how well the woman can perform these movements with ease and without any pain, discomfort and restriction apply a 'release modality' and then re-test the effectiveness of the 'fix'.  Easy to learn and time-efficient to perform with clients with awesome instant results.

Module 1 - Part 2 - Delivered On-Line - Prior to Attendance of the 2 Live Days - Michelle Lyons

  • Identifying the causes of pelvic pain and dysfunction in the Natal woman
  • Assessing the biomechanics integrity of the pelvic girdle
  • Risk factors for pelvic dysfunction during labour and delivery
  • The hips - form, function, labral hip strength and labral tears
  • Squat versus Kegel and external assessment of Pelvic Floor function
  • Headaches and TMJ dysfunction in the natal years
  • The female athlete - criteria for return to sport in the Post Natal period



During this education, you'll learn to assess the client for functionality and apply a variety of appropriate soft-tissue skills  that will help you to help your clients get out of minor musculoskeletal pain and discomfort and create a great foundation for your movement sessions and their activities of daily life.  STR (Soft Tissue Release) and PIR (Post Isometric Relaxation) with a 1 second tension have been my go-to strategies during a 10 year career in Massage and Remedial Therapy.  

Once you learn the basics of both of these modes, you'll never look back and neither will your clients.  Both modalities are virtually sure-fire ways to release restriction without the need for the client to undress.  Supported by super clear, real-time videos that are yours to keep forever and watch over and over.  Your success using these strategies is assured.  We'll work through the 'Ante/Post Pain, Posture and Alignment Hotspots' - the key areas where women tend to get physically stuck in their bodies that prevent them enjoying freedom of movement. 

And then on a more global level, using effective tools and props such as ViPRs (Loaded Movement Training), dowels and resistance bands alongside simple bodyweight mobilisations you'll also learn how to free the body ready for movement and ultimately.  In all Modules, you'll learn a wealth of soft tissue skills for both you to apply to your client and 'homeworkable' self-help solutions for them to maintain their freedom away from your sessions together.

Day 1 - Practical Strategies Application 

  • Module 2 - Upper Body (Trunk + Shoulder Girdle)

  • Module 3 - Lower Body (Hips, Legs + Feet)

Day 2 - Practical Strategies Application

  • Module 4 - Face, Neck + Head

  • Module 5 - Nutrition for Tissue Health + Hydration

Your Additional Resources & Content…….

  • PDF copy of the LIVE MODULES manual, fully referenced manual covering all elements of the programme and further useful resources.
  • Eternal access to the on-line pre-reading theoretical content.
  • All associated notes and client documents required to offer a professional service (questionnaires and pre-screening forms etc.,)
  • Done-For-You Simple Optimum Nutrition For Healing Nutrition content which you may reproduce for your client.
  • Ready-to-use Female 4R® branding.
  • Complimentary addition to the Female 4R®  Facebook Community so you can be super supported both during and after your course
  • Creating and personalizing  your own 'Female 4R®' offering in your business - 1-1 and in a small group setting.  Strategies and marketing to ensure that you create an offering that your clients will absolutely love and value session after session.
  • Tools to teach a simple, yet highly effective Body Scan Meditation to facilitate deep relaxation and the healing benefits of the meditative state.

Pre-Requisites For Attending This Certification & REPs CPD Points (we are awaiting NASM Accreditation)

REPS 10 points

This certification is open to all certified fitness/wellness professional already certified to work with the Pregnant & Post Natal woman who seek to improve their soft-tissue, simple pain-relief and restorative activity education and skill-set.  It's suitable for Group Exercise Instructors, Massage Therapist, Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers, Ante/Post Natal Educators and indeed EVERYONE who wants to help their Natal clients FEEL AND MOVE BETTER!

REPs registered members without the Level 3 Ante/Post Natal QUALIFICATION can attend and complete Ante/Post Natal CPD courses and be awarded the allocated points for a particular course. However, they will not be awarded Ante/Post Natal status on the Register of Exercise Professionals as this is not an entry level qualification.

Candidates will be awarded a ‘ Female 4R® Natal Movement Specialist’

Examination, Certification &  10 REPs CPD Points will be awarded to candidates who successfully:

  • Complete the on-line and live study with skill assessment across all of the 4 Modules
  • Complete the Module 1 Multiple-Choice Exam with a Pass Mark of 85% and above

2 days of Live Tuition + On-Line Pre-Learning + Post Course Filmed Exercise Library, Resources + Facebook 4R Community Support Group


Your Investment......

6 Payments @ £57.83/month for 6 months 

3 Payments @ £115.67/month 

1 Payment @ £347

 Course Launch Date - February 2016.......

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