The launch of this brand new diploma in early 2023 will represent a consolidation of and reverence for supporting and educating women throughout their ENTIRE LIFESPAN. Each individual element of this Diploma emphasizes both the current health of the woman and the power of ‘PREPARING WOMEN FOR THEIR FUTURE, NOW’!

This Diploma deeply represents a move away from the ‘curing disease’ model and moves towards the ‘supporting health and prevention of illness’ model with the concept of ‘Wholism’ – the interconnected nature of the human organism, running throughout.

With a range of NEW, exciting, specialist authors to take us on a journey from Menarchy to Post-Post Menopause (the 4th Age), this Diploma aims to be a ‘sentient’ one-stop-shop for any wellness profession, dedicated to the art of serving and supporting women in achieving and sustaining wellness.

Learners will be able to purchase and study each lifephase (Menarchy, Pregnancy, Post Birth, Menopause Transition and 4th Age) as  standalone courses or as part of the comprehensive diploma. Take/study what you need, when you need it, knowing that a common unifying threads runs throughout all elements…..“women heal when they feel heard and that the body has a wisdom, magic and authority unto itself”.

This Diploma will be EVERGREEN; purchase once, receive ongoing updates for FREE.